Icing’s Primed and Ready’ Eye Shadow Primer

Shadow primers are relatively new to the makeup scene for the general public. I got my first one as a duo with a lip primer in a Laura Geller collection. At the time, about 7-8 years ago, it worked quite well for me. However, for the past 1 to 1-1/2 years, I can’t get a primer to work for anything! So, I have been quizzing bloggers and members on beauty forums what they have found works. I have taken quite a few recommendations and still haven’t found one that keeps my shadows in place all day. Boo.

Somewhere down the aging line, I started getting oil lids. I don’t think I had that problem when I was younger. In fact, my skin has become a bit drier but I still have oily lids. Boo.

On my quest, I have purchased many different products. I found this one at Icing’s and since it was 50%, I figured it wasn’t that much of a $2.75 waste to give it a go…

This is Icing’s ‘Primed and Ready: Golden Girl’. I’m going to take it that the golden part is because of the primer’s color…

I guess, that would be an old gold color. I found this primer to be very liquid-y. When I put it on my lids, I patted it on rather than rubbed it because it was just that runny. The first couple of times I tried ‘Primed and Ready’, I didn’t find that it made my shadows last a lot longer before it creased up. I gave it a go with several mineral and pressed shadows.

As swatched on my arm, this is one layer…

There is only the very slightest of pigment from one layer.

Since it was rather thin in consistency, I thought I’d experiment with applying 2 layers. So, I put one the first one and then did some other makeup task waiting for it to dry before applying a second layer. This is a swatch of two layers allowing for drying between them…

I’m tapping it on with my fingers rather than rubbing. With 2 coats, you can start to see that it is building up. Slightly.

Two layers did a lot better than just one. But, it only got my shadows to last maybe an extra hour. So, I’m still not really satisfied with the results. As you can see the color better with 2 coats, it does make for a nice, muted wash of color on the lid. I didn’t find that this primer intensified the colors of any of the shadows I used.

If you have ever used one of elf’s shadow primers with the doe-foot, ‘Primed and Ready’ is very close to the same consistency. I can’t recommend this shadow primer, as in my experience with it, I didn’t get the results that I set out for. However, I did feel that it made my eye shadows last a couple of hours longer than if I hadn’t used anything. Do keep in mind, maybe someone with non-oily lids could get this to work like a charm.

I gambled with just under $3 and here, I feel I got what I paid for. Have you tried Icing’s ‘Primed and Ready’ shadow primer?


  • Kimberly, the one thing that has totally worked for me is Urban Decay’s primer followed up with a cream shadow (I use Bobby Brown) and follow that up with regular powdered shadow(s). They stay put that way with no oily breakthrough.

    • I have that one too. It is one of the better ones. The one that does perform best for me is Bare Essential’s Primer.