If Love Bites, Does It Mean It Has Teeth?

Well, it’s not the same as having your toes nibbled on, however…

Now I am acquiring too many (did I just say that??) polishes because I don’t remember where I got this one!!!  Ack!  I am fairly confident that I got it at Rue 21.  And it was on clearance.  But it was such a cool blue, I bit.  😉

Sorry, but I do not like to have my toes nibbled on.  Libby likes to kiss my toes occasionally and that’s OK.  However, Love Bites is just for a pedicure…

No name on this color.  How about ‘Itsy Bitsy Blue’?  Guest appearance by Sebastian, a seal-point Ragdoll.  Note: see how clever I am by getting carpet that is very close to the same color as the cat?  Yea, that’s thinking with the ol’ noodle!!!

Hey, Sebastian!!!  You’re stealing the show here!

Definitely blue and sparkles galore to it.  Perfect toe polish.  This is just 2 coats with a Seche Clear and one Vite.  Wore quite well.  Applied way better than I expected for an unknown brand.  The bottle states that this polish is a 3-N-1.  It’s a base, color and top coat all in one.  I’m sure that leads to its durability.  The brush wasn’t one of those skinny ones, but a normal sized polish brush. 
I’m pretty pleased with this blue polish.  And I will wear it again as a fingernail polish next time.  Just a durn good-looking, fun ‘Itsy Bitsy Blue.’

Wearing blue polish on my toes makes me feel so happy.  Do you have a polish that’s your ‘happy’ polish?