I’m Checking In On My New Year’s Resolutions

I know that is a weird title to start off a blog post for the beginning of July. However, hear me out.

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2015? I kind of cheat and start mine November 1. Why in the world would I do that? One, it’s my wedding anniversary and two, it is the first day of the pagan year. Mostly I do it because I want a head start on everyone else.

When Summer comes in June, I’m ready to reflect and see how well I have done on my commitments so far.

First, I don’t usually share most of my goals with people outside of my family. Even that can be hard because I have had so many dreams dashed by sharing them and, having someone take them away. I like to hold them close because my goals are very personal. But, I feel that by sharing these, I am being proud of my accomplishments regardless of what anyone else says. I am only comparing myself to myself.

year goals 18

My first goal is a huge one and that is to run 10 5K races this year. The most I have ever run, in one year’s time, is 2 or 3. I started running a little over 5 years ago. I took some time off in 2013 after my father passed away because I just didn’t feel like doing it and, I moved from Florida to Colorado. I got ill last year and that is what actually spurred me to get back to working out again. Plus, I was beginning to miss it.

I started January off with my first 5K of the year and, first one in Colorado. Last month, I finished my 4th one and, have a race every month until the end of the year. Placing my finisher’s medals on the wall, next to my treadmill (which I only use if the weather is bad) gives me motivation…medals

I will be purchasing this medal hook rack to put them all. It sums it all up…

she believed medal hook

Tracking my fitness progress is essential for my success. I keep a monthly tracking form of my workouts and runs. It is very gratifying for me to see each line filled in…

year goals 16 year goals 17

year goals 14

If I am to workout almost every day, I need to eat and, I need to eat foods that give me healthy fuel. My goal is to start the day off with something healthy. My breakfast is a protein shake with creatine (helps my muscles recover faster). I add in frozen fruit or, my current obsession: peanut butter and a banana…

year goals 42

year goals 22

Previously, I was hit or miss on taking my vitamins. I found an app called Habit Bull and I love clicking off each day. The app also reminds me to do so…

year goals 20 year goals 19

Learning is something I have craved my entire life. I have discovered Udemy, which has a huge selection of online courses. I am enrolled in a lot of them because I won a giveaway where I won all the classes I had listed in my wishlist. My goal is to actually TAKE the classes. I have been sporadic in doing so…

year goals 25

As well as learning, I made a goal of reading a book a month. I haven’t done so well with this because, I am either reading stuff on the Internet or, reading fitness, running or health magazines. I have a LOT of books waiting to be read…

year goals 5

This is the first electric toothbrush I have ever owned so I don’t know if all of them have a timer but, mine does. It has 4 timed rounds. I had been cheating on the time and cutting it short. My goal is to brush for the entire brushing session. I’m doing great on that goal…

year goals 2

And, I have been wanting to up my game on my beauty blog, right here! I have made very, very slow progress. Mostly because even though I know what I want, I don’t know how to do it. I haven’t given up. I love blogging and, most importantly, I enjoy the beauty blogging community…

year goals 30

Each year I give up one beauty product that is not cruelty-free and once I make that choice, I stay with it. I’ve not broken that goal in the past 4 years that I have made that commitment.

These are the most important commitments I have made for the year. Checking in on them in the middle of the year helps me not only recommit but also, to remember why I choose to do these things.

Do you keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Aleya Bamdad

    I’m so proud of you! Training is really hard and I know that it’s hard to be that disciplined. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Thanks for your motivating words. I never thought of myself as a disciplined person. But, I guess I am!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    How fascinating to read about your goals! I’m jealous that you enjoy road races. I hate them, and stopped running races about 25 years ago. My goal is and has been to run tomorrow. The online classes sound great. Hope you have the time to do those too!

    • I can’t actually say the running if fun however, finishing a race is a high. I have done several of the classes and I have two particular instructors that I enjoy. Funny that they are both British and I enjoy listening to their voices.

  • I love learning about how you prep for running! I still hate to run, but I love lifting weights.

    • I started out running little by little. I used the miCoach system from Adidas and used their Learning To Run program. It has kept me on track and made me go slow enough that I didn’t burn out or give up.

      My first love will always be weight-lifting. I LOVE feeling strong. 🙂

  • I don’t really make NY resolutions. I do make a vision board for the year though. I modify it as the year progresses.

    • I had a vision board when I had a room dedicated to my office and workout room. Great idea!

  • I didn’t really keep my NY resolution at first, but picked it up recently, and made considerable progress!

  • I would love to run a race! I’d definitely have to train up for it. One of my NY resolutions was to get 5k youtube subscribers and I’m at 4k.. so close!!!

  • Justina

    I love your goals! I am running my first official 5k this weekend.

  • Mai

    I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions since it gets hard for me to keep. I think it’s great how you’ve been keeping track of your resolutions!

    • I like to make clear decisions about improving myself and when I can track it, I am more motivated when I can see improvement.

  • marciaf

    I am so impressed. I knew you were running the marathons but to have so many on your calendar is incredible. You are working so hard and it’s paying off.

    • I have to say, a 5K is only 3.1 miles
      A marathon is 26.2. I won’t be able to put a marathon on my list. That would mean I would be running for something like 6 hours!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Bravo!!! Hats off!!! Keep up the great work

    • Thank you very much. As an introvert, I’m very fortunate to be self-motivated, when I want to be. LOL

  • I look up to you. I want to do something like this. I’m currently going on evening walks after dinner

    • I have watched your walks on Periscope. Do you see me?

  • I don’t make NY resolutions any more, but you should be proud that you’re reaching your goals and enjoying the journey!

    • I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions either. That’s why I start in November. Then they aren’t actually NY resolutions. It’s such a weird mind trick, I know. But hey, it works for me.

  • Great job keeping up with your goals. I have fallen off a bit on my fitness ones, but I’m getting back on track. Love the medal rack, it’s a great way to see your accomplishments and stay motivated.

    • I never thought of myself as any sort of athlete. I was always last in running in school. Not good for a young kid’s confidence. I’m making up for it now.

  • It is so smart to check in on resolutions! I don’t even make them generally any more. I just end up getting way too busy with kids and forget = Maybe I should make a resolution to concentrate on ME haha I did list a few blogging resolutions, though. I’m going to see if I kept them. I know one for sure I haven’t yet lol

    • I don’t usually make so many. I, too, generally don’t do them. But, I liked the idea of honing in on habits that I already have and just making them better. Like brushing my teeth. I always brush but I wasn’t brushing long enough. That was easy. The running one is my biggest challenge. I run but I wanted it to be for a reason. I have to have some serious prizes (a t-shirt and that MEDAL!) to keep me from throwing running by the wayside.