I’m Having A Purple Phase

This is quite by accident, but maybe I should run with it. Here’s another purple that I swatched…and loved…

This is Color Club’s ‘Wild Orchid’ and it is from the ‘Alter Ego’ collection. I found that I loved a LOT of the colors in these 2 collections from CC.

The tipping point for me, on this shade, it’s the iridescent sparkles that live inside a dark putty color. Sparkles that are elusive this time around.

Oh, just a hint of them here.  I have on 3 coats and no top coat here. Very easy to apply. The above photo is in the shade.
This one is spot on in the sun…

A bit of that pinkish sheen…

It’s one that looks so much better in real life. And I can see this one working with lots of different shades of crackle too.  In fact, I am lining that one up to do!

You can end right here if you are just here to see the polish. The next part is my soap box..

Thanks to my dear readers for following along. With so many great, talented bloggers out there, it is hard for me to not be intimidated. I want to have my nails look like theirs, my blog to be as professional and to have thousands of followers holding their breath for my next post. I’m inspired daily!

So, when I come back down to earth, I step back to the beginning of my blogging days. I started blogging because I wanted to have a hobby that not only would help me stop picking away at my sorry cuticles but also to just have fun. What I didn’t expect is to join in a sub-culture that was filled with beautiful women, from all over the world! There is an entire group of bloggers that I enjoy following and they are on Twitter and they talk with me. And many of them have allowed me into their circle(s) with love and friendship.

This doesn’t escape me because every day, I think about this hobby and the circle I have joined. And, a truly supportive community. I’m right there to stick up for a fellow blogger that has her photos and/or copy stolen from her; I know how hard it is to come up with great photos, skilled copy and putting it into a format that expresses oneself. It’s still elusive to me! I’ll continue to step up and speak when I feel that a blogger has not been treated fairly or professionally. There are haters out there, sadly. And their lives are twisted around the erroneous belief that there is NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. I don’t, for one minute, believe that. There is always room for more; it will never run out.

My thanks and gratitude will never run out for having you be a part of this blog. 🙂
Libby agrees. Here she is saying ‘WORD!’