I’m Lucky To Be Irish

Happy March 1st!  I have a lot happening this month, how about you?

I’m going to share a lot of green polishes and makeup with you through St. Patrick’s Day.  I align myself with my Irish heritage.  I have German and Scottish blood as well.  However, I look so Irish and love all that is Irish, that it seems the dominant lineage for me.

And, I sometimes do get a bit of the luck of the Irish!  I felt lucky when I finally purchased this lemming…

Can you hear it screaming ‘DUOCHROME!!’  You betcha!  This is Claire’s ‘Venomous.’  I’m taking it to be a play on MAC’s Venomous Villains collection.  Did you notice that all the villains were women?  That didn’t seem fair.

Anyhoo…I found this to be one fascinating and interesting shade.  It makes me think of a fly’s eye color.

Does it want to be green?  Does it want to be purple?  How about both.

I have 3 coats of color followed by a coat of Seche Vite from a brand, new bottle!  Yea, that’s always a ‘yippie’ feeling to start a new bottle of Seche Vite!  I thought I had picked up the Seche Clear at first because it wasn’t a thick, goopy mess.

Just a bit of bubbling going on.  That’s on me, though.  The third coat came on too soon.  Nevertheless, I loved wearing ‘Venomous.’  I had some (nice) fun at my husband’s expense with this shade.  He’s the only audience I have to blatantly show off my new manis to.  He plays the ever-supportive role and oh’s and ah’s on cue.  I asked him ‘what color is this?’  Poor man is blue/green color-blind.  He couldn’t say what color it looked like.  I asked ‘Green?’  I asked ‘Purple?’  The ever-a-politician answer was ‘I guess.’  I delighted in telling him he was right; it’s all those colors!  Are we not just the most exciting pair?

Although it is not an out-and-out green, it starts off a foray into the Luck of the Irish fest.  I just realized that the myth about St. Patrick’s Day has to do with St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland; snakes; venomous; get it?  OK, I groaned too.

Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day manicure?