I’m Working on a 14 Days to Valentine’s Day Marathon

I ended up with a virus on my computer last night.  It blocks every function except the one to purchase their anti-virus/spyware program.  Since I will not be forced into purchasing something I do not want or have no need for (wait…why didn’t the virus protecters I have not catch this???), this incidious malware now connects me to porn.

So I’m laid up, so to speak.  My hubs has ‘generously’ allowed me to ‘borrow’ time on his computer.  But since I got a virus on mine, he is very leary (even more so) to allow me on his computer.  The only reason I’ve been able to use his computer is because of all the football this weekend.  *sigh*

Anyhoo, on to the subject of this blog.  🙂  I’m working on a 14 Day Marathon of Valentine’s Day inspired manicures.  I did race up to Ulta today and get the 4-pack mini’s of Katy Perry’s OPI collection along with a Shatter.  I’m looking forward to adding in a Shatter look with at least one of these upcoming pinks.

Next weekend ends my Stinkin’ Cute giveaway.  And there will be another one right on the heels of that one!  Stay tuned!