In A Trance from Cult Nails’ Hypnotic Collection

If you pre-ordered your Cult Nail polishes, you are apt to get them very soon! And if you haven’t ordered, you better join the Cult Nails cult. 🙂

The swatch I’m going to show you is one of my very favorite new polish colors to LOVE…

‘In A Trance’ is one of four new, Fall colors in the Cult Nails Hypnotic collection.

It’s a drab olive green with lots and lots of gold shimmer/glitter going on. And why is it a ‘drap’ green? There is NOT one thing drab about ‘In A Trance.’ Talk about being ‘In A Trance,’ this is a stunner. It was interesting that others who saw my nails would notice then, come back for a second, deeper look.

I did not have to take a bazillion photos to capture that gold flicker deep in this olive polish. Inside, outside, sunlight, with a flashlight under my covers, that gold is there.

Maria, the owner of Cult Nails, pours her heart and soul into her polishes. There is not a detail missed. Her goal of creating unique shades that are spot on in trends, is not an easy goal. Yet, she has done it, AGAIN, with the newest Fall collection, ‘Hypnotic.’ 

You can put yourself into your own Trance, for $10, or get the whole Fall ‘Hypnotic‘ collection, set of four for $40.

You will be seeing my swatches of all these very soon. In the meantime….you are getting sleeeeeepyyyyyy…..