Independence Day Nail Art

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Hooray and Happy Birthday, United States!!! How are you going to spend the US’s 235th birthday?

I’m going to show you my July 4th manicure with 10 different looks. I couldn’t land on just one so I went crazy. I made some winners and losers. However, it was a lot of fun to do these.

First, let me show you the polishes I used…

Here are the ‘stars’…Nubar’s ‘Hologram Glitter’ and Kleancolor’s ‘Silver Star.’

Avon’s ‘Rich Red’ (which is a blood red, not an orange-red) and Color Club’s Frosty Blue that has no name. Even with the vast array of polishes that I own, I didn’t have one medium blue creme polish. So, the blue here is frosty.

OPI’s ‘Red Shatter’, Sally Hansen’s ‘Distressed Denim’, and China Glaze’s ‘Lightning Bolt.’

Here, I have a Color Club white creme and one from Sally Hansen. I tried both to see which I preferred. Color Club won as it wasn’t as streaky as SH. Plus, that SH is years old.

Mix them all up…

 I won’t go through and tell you about each design. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

And, this is my right hand…

I did use an irridescent glitter from Color Club on some of these nails. I just didn’t get a photo of it separately.


I think my favorite one is my left-hand pinky. I feel very patriotic, seriously.

Did you do an Independence Day manicure?

  • oh wow! I LOVE ALL Of THESE DESIGNS! i think my favorite would be the read and blue stripes with silver stars in the middle! Great job. I really wish i could be that creative.


  • Look at all those! I like them all, but I like the one with the stars the best. I'm on 4th of July mani #3. LOL This one is a splatter. 🙂

  • So fun! Will you come to Oregon and do my nails?! Please! I really like the left hand the best. The thumb and middle finger are my faves! Great festive mani!

  • EEP! SO cute 🙂 I especially love the little stars

  • @Carrie I come up with good ideas, but I really suck at executing them. I decided no one that I care about is grading me; I'd go for it. 🙂

    @Megan I love yours. Now I'm on the lookout for your other ones too.

    @Peach You bet! I have never been to Oregon. But if you can get to Orlando, I'd paint your nails. ;D

    @Vintage Those little stars are cute, but they have GAS!!! (polish stinks!!!) Thank you!!!

  • Woo hoo! It is like fireworks, flags and a band, all at once. I love it. 😀

    I haven't done my Fourth mani, yet. I will most likely do it on Sunday. 😀

  • There is a lot going on here . But each nail individually is pretty good .

  • Looks a lot of fun!

  • Holy cow how awesome! Talk about patriotic 🙂 Love the pinkie you mentioned as well. It looks really cool! Happy Fourth!

  • @Ice Queen I read that you have been uber busy so far this weekend. Thanks for stopping by, sweets!

    @Toyomi My nails are the only thing about me that says 'busy.' ;P

    @Hadia It was fun, even if a VBS kid could do better. 😉

    @Judy Happy Fourth to you too. My attempts today were terrible though.

  • i looooooooove your nails! Extremely cool! 😀

  • Wow! gorgeous!
    My favorite has to be the left middle finger.