Indie Makeup Companies, It’s Time To Get Branded

This isn’t a post on pet peeves because I don’t feel like being petty. However, I share this in hopes that indie companies will help brand themselves.

Even if I purchase a sample, the bag, clam shell or jar should tell me who it came from…

bad branding 001Shrine is a sparkly mineral eye shadow. It’s one that I like to wear however, I do not remember which company it came from. I don’t see how I can replace it from the original company. And, Silk Kiss Glow gives me a total face shimmer that looks awesome over a bronzer. Just the right amount glittery prettiness. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to reorder it. Bummer.

bad branding 003This indie blush does a bit better. I, at least, have the company’s name, Voila, to go on. I think, as a company, they should be more concerned about branding their products. They are missing out on a repeat customer.

bad branding 004I’ve had these two samples for some time. I don’t know where to reorder them so I am hoarding them. I do remember that Chiffons is the name of the collection and that the shade is called Glitz. Sadly, Bewitched felt that telling me that it is an eye shadow was more important than sharing with me the company name.

bad branding 005See a trend here? Dragon Fly comes from the same company that wants to make sure I know I’m using an eye shadow. And next, I am putting an indie company on the spot. Much like Voila, Black Rose Minerals leaves the research of reordering to me. At least they stand a chance.

My wish is that this can be positive criticism. Don’t lose your customers. We want to purchase from you again.