Is Halloween Getting Rust-y? Try Forever 21’s Version

Oli Oli In Come Freeeeee!

Only one more day left to call out Halloween polishes. After that, I’m doing ‘Fall’ manicure swatches. OK, maybe they could be Halloween ones still. And, just because I didn’t get in all the Halloween looks I wanted to, doesn’t mean I can’t morph them into Thanksgiving/Fall swatches. I’m getting into this ‘my blog, my rules’ thing. Bwaahaaahaaa!

This polish definitely fits into both categories…

‘Rust’ is a copper glitter overload from Forever 21’s love and beauty. And one thing about Forever 21 polish, most of the glitters are dense and easy to use. This one makes coverage by using a lot of different sizes of glitter. Look close…

Hex, micro and regular sizes galore. And these babies didn’t have any issue laying down on the nail.

I swatched up some orange and black fun…

Starting from the left: Forever 21’s ‘Rust’ over Cult Nails’ ‘Nevermore’; ‘Rust’ all by itself; ‘Rust’ over Zoya’s ‘Arizona’; Pure Icing’s black crackle over Zoya’s ‘Arizona’; ‘Arizona’ all by itself; and last is Cult Nails’ ‘Nevermore’ all by itself.

I really liked how ‘Rust’ seemed to be glowing orange embers with ‘Nevermore’. I did a manicure with it and it was definitely THE Halloween look…

How’s that for some fire on the fingertips? ‘Rust’ wasn’t terribly hard to remove. Since ‘Nevermore’ is a one-coat polish (love that!!!) and I only used one coat of ‘Rust’, this was a quickie.

Are you finished with Halloween looks and ready to move one? I feel I am.

  • Laura G

    That polish looks great! I need to get to Forever 21 and check out their polishes more often!

    • Do go! Some of the stores have a lot of polishes and some have just a few.

  • that is really pretty!!! i like it!!