Is There Anybody Out There, Space Cadet

“The” colors to have this fall were from Orly’s FX Collection.  It seems a majority of the nail blogs I read liked ‘Space Cadet’ the best.  Here’s why…

I understand the name of ‘Space Cadet’ but why a ‘spacy’ name for such a totally complex shade?  I think I can see about 4 to 5 different colors that flash in this one.

You bet this is the same polish, the same manicure.  First is the outdoors shot.  Next is indoors by the sunny window.  Is it purple?  Is it green?  Yes!  Oh, and magenta too.

I knew I’d hate myself if I spaced out and didn’t get ‘Space Cadet.’  What I have done is the basic manicure I do: 1 BC, 1 Seche Clear, 2 color coats, 2 Seche Clear with Seche Vite last.  No one has asked me and maybe no one really wants to know, however, I use that many coats because my nails are not strong and the extra coverage helps.

This is a serious beg…if you did NOT get ‘Space Cadet,’ you need to go get yourself a bottle STAT!!  This will end up with a cult status, I predict.

Orly went overboard with this one.  There is just no way I can explain this color.  The photos do a better job.  I think this one is best left up to a visual rather than verbal.  There was no trouble getting this to apply.  Two coats and it was sensational.  Of course, the Orly bottle and that rubberized top are standard coolness.  The polish dried quickly for me and after that last Vite, I was running to some light to experience the ‘wonderful, magnificent, magical effect that transformed my digits into a spectacular experience in nail polish world.’  I used DisneyWorld ads for inspiration on that sentence.

‘Space Cadet’ is almost derogatory too.  How about calling it ‘Major Tom‘?

Anyone ever call you a Space Cadet? (raises hand up slowly)