It’s Not Tooth Fairy Dandruff; It’s OPI Rainbow Connection

Here is the second shade from the OPI Muppets collection that I had to get: ‘Rainbow Connection’…

Seriously, this will be the runaway of this collection. Gee-or-jus!!

 Look at the glitter reflection made on my hand. I didn’t notice that until I started picking out photos for this post. Oooohhhh….aaahhhhhh…

Hexy, dot, medium and micro glitter, seriously. Silver, green, red, blue and yellow gold. I think this looks like ‘Tooth Fairy Dandruff.’

Glitter bombs-away…

All that glitter is in a clear base. It goes on fairly well. I had to work with it to adhere closer to my cuticles. I used 2 coats here. And I didn’t put any top coat on it. It did quite well in shine, naturally. And, ‘Rainbow Connection’ is not as gritty as I thought it would be. It is gritty, but all that glitter did lay flat.

OK, I know you want to see more ‘Rainbow Connection’ in action…

 In the shade outdoors…it doesn’t matter, this is dazzling. So, next I wanted to see if it would play well with ‘Wocka Wocka’ as I’m sure this creme was meant to be used, if you so desire, as a base for ‘Rainbow Connection…


The sun makes this appear brighter than it really is. ‘Wocka Wocka’ is more of a dark berry shade.

The shadow light shows ‘Wocka Wocka’ better than the sunlight one. However, there’s no denying that these two are meant for each other.

‘Wocka Wocka’ is a stunning stand alone too…


 I wanted to do a quick comparison with a pink flaky I had. That’s what you see on my middle finger. It’s from a mini collection with no name from Claire’s. I have on Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ top coat, as well.

Some posts back, I had mentioned I needed a good, basic blue-based red creme polish. Here it is!! Smooth as glass and super OPI easy to apply.

It must be hard or not cost-effective to label these minis. So, I have to resort to doing it myself. I didn’t come up with the idea. Steph from Imperfectly Painted shared with me that this is how she keeps track of label-less bottles.

I can stare at these bottles for hours. I put it on my nails and it’s an all day fascination.

I can’t wait to see what base coat I can use next with ‘Rainbow Connection.’ What color would you choose?

  • So fabulous…. is it possible to marry glitter??!

  • I adore this one!

  • Rainbow Connection is definitely going to be the runaway hit of this collection! I bet it would look great over a metallic or a foil.

  • I am loving Wocka Wocka….I am thinking about getting this collection for my coworker who goes ga-ga over the Muppets!

  • @Fashion Footing Not only can you marry glitter, but you can have multiple glitter spouses. 🙂

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Thanks! It has to be the most fun polish I own.

    @Nicole Hey! Good idea! I have the Color Club foils too.

    @meredith Wocka Wocka is perfect for my skin tone. That would be so cool to get your co-worker this collection.

  • Tooth fairy dandruff lol 🙂

  • That is an awesome glitter! Love it over the red base!

  • Bwahaha, fairy dandruff!
    I wonder what it looks like matted, over black? *ponders*

  • Love it!

    So excited to get mine! I pre-ordered from a supplier, but it won't ship until Nov.1st

  • Brb, drooling all over my keyboard. 😀

  • @GothamPolish Unicorn puke and pee were already taken. 🙂

    @The Peach It is truly a fun polish. And that red is like the 'good' child, perfect. 🙂

    @Mimi You have the best ideas! I will try that!

    @Bailey I'm happy you're getting it but so sorry you have to wait. Maybe they'll surprise you.

    @SilhouetteScreams Hi, love! It's a 'can't miss' polish, isn't it? I'll get you a drool cloth. LOL

  • I want it for the name lol I like the colors they chose to put together though!

  • There gorgeous <3

  • Cat

    Urghh I can't wait till my Trade Secret gets these in!! Gorge!
    And I totally hate it too how OPI minis aren't labelled…soo frustrating!