I’ve Learned How to be Nouveau Cheap

Since my early days of following blogs (only last year), I have been following Nouveau Cheap.

If you check out the right-hand column here, you see that I have a button for this site.  Miss Nouveau Cheap has become a new email friend.  It is a must for me to check out her blog every day.  Reviewing a wide variety of beauty items, you are sure to learn about new products, on this blog, that you can find ‘cheap’ at the drugstores or mass market stores.

Nouveau Cheap
Something I have enjoyed for the past few months is being a ‘field representative’ for Miss Nouveau.  I travel around town every day for my job, so I get to stop off at Walgreens and CVS stores all the time.  I’ve taken it upon myself to find new makeup products and share them with Miss Nouveau.  She replies with squeals of joy.  I’m pleased.  So is she.

Here are a few of the products I have found and shared my photos with her and her blog…

It feels like a treasure hunt.  And I feel like a sleuth looking for the newest thing out there.

If you want to know what is the newest and latest in the ‘cheap makeup’ industry, I recommend checking out Nouveau Cheap’s blog.  She’s got it down about giving you info on dupes of more expensive brands.

Oh, and something that’s going on right now, she’s reviewing Wet ‘N Wild’s newest products.  I purchased a few of them today at Walgreen’s.  And they have Wet ‘N Wild on sale to boot!  Thanks, Nouveau Cheap for keeping me up-to-date.