James Vincent & Orlando Santiago: Creative Celeb Makeup Artists Bring The Makeup Show To Orlando

This past Monday, October 29, I got to have dinner, at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, with Orlando Santiago and James Vincent. Not only are these two gentlemen top celebrity makeup artists, they are the brains and brawn behind The Makeup Show

The Makeup Show has been held in Berlin, Chicago, New York, and LA. What a statement for them to bring The Makeup Show to Orlando!

I got sweet with James…

Without a doubt, James loves women and, of course, people. He is so passionate about his work and the makeup industry. I found him to be open, friendly, supportive and very positive. He is so passionate about makeup artistry that I found myself wanting to be a makeup artist again!

And, I got to sit with Orlando…

Orlando shares his talent around the world. He’s all about providing education to the makeup industry. Besides working with so many celebrity artists (you have to check out James and Orlando’s websites to see their lists), James and Orlando have teamed up to share education to all makeup artists. The Makeup Show is more than just a chance to purchase quality makeup. It is an extreme opportunity to get some of the best training and info about the makeup industry.

And, a few of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida were there to make it even more awesome!

My gal pals, Maria of Cult Nails and Safia of Lipstick Mixtapes

Me with Safia

Beautiful Alyssa of Pretty Little Bottles, with Orlando Santiago…

Su from Chronicle Stones, and Phyrra of Phyrra.net hung out with me…

This is our darling, Brittney from Clumps of Mascara. She helped organize this dinner for the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida to meet James and Orlando. And, she is showing off ‘Baby Clumps’ who is on her way to meet the beauty world…

It’s no lie, pregnant women glow!

What a grand evening! I got to meet two international celebrity makeup artists and have fun with my gal pals from Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida too. We are all so ready to attend The Makeup Show this coming weekend. Beauty bloggers at a Makeup Show??!!! Sounds like the grown-up version of kids in a candy store!!!

I bet you’d like to go too, right? James Vincent has arranged for this to happen! Yea!! This show is for industry folks, that means makeup artists. However, you don’t have to be one to get in, with a little bit of help. Here’s what you do: Go purchase a ticket to the show here. You HAVE to do this by tomorrow; the deadline is 11/1!!! When you come to the box were it asks ‘Company’, put in my blog name ‘Libby’s Pink Vanity’ and THAT is your credentials to get in! You can get in as a fan and reader of my blog. Let me know if you get a ticket so I can arrange to meet you as well.

One more thing, Cult Nails will be there too. Do stop by and pick up some Cult Nails polishes. You will NOT be disappointed in these polishes. They are my favoritest!! And you’ll get a chance to meet Maria Morrison, the owner and creator of Cult Nails.

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