Jesse’s Girl: Pure Pigment Eye Dusts

One of the highlights of 2012, for me, was getting to attend Cosmoprof in Las Vegas, back in July. I stopped by Jesse’s Girl cosmetics booth and got to meet Jessi, himself!! He’s such a down-to-earth type of guy.

After reading blog reviews on Jesse’s Girl cosmetics, I finally got my hands on some to try out. And, these mineral eye shadows, called Pure Pigment Eye Dusts, do not disappoint me one iota…

These over-the-top sparkly shadows are the most sparkly of all my collection. I’m in heaven with these and my heaven is sparkly!!!…

I was expecting a cooler, blueish cast to ‘Pixie Dust’. So this golden cast is like nothing else I own. Pleasant Surprise!!!

‘Ultra Violet’ is so much brighter than the photos tell. Like purple? Please!!!!!

‘Sunset Blvd’ is swatched below ‘Ultra Violet’. And, I need to warn you: ‘Sunset Blvd’ is shifty. Not in character but in color. It goes from peachy to orange to smatterings of pink. Something happened over the past year: I look good wearing peach colors. I have always avoided them because I have such blue undertones to my skin. But, I’m certainly happy to open the makeup doors and clear off room on the Vanity table for ‘Sunset Blvd’!…

I have ‘Sunset Blvd’ on my lid with ‘Fairy Dust’ on my brow bone. If you think this is sparkly, you should see it foiled. And if you do, you better be wearing your welder’s glasses! It’s HOT!

Do keep in mind, these are mineral powders. And, since they are super sparkly, there is fall-out. I used a tapping motion to set these minerals into place on my eyelid. Then I used a fan brush to whisk away the fall-out.

You can order these from Jesse’s Girl website. They are called Pure Pigment Eye Dusts and they are $4.99 each. There are a total of 28 colors to pick from. I see plenty more colors I want to pick up. How about you?