Jordana’s Modern Matte Lipsticks

There has been a lot of talk about Jordana’s new Modern Matte lipsticks. I knew from the first post I read about them at Nouveau Cheap’s blog, that I would be getting some of them. And, here are the three I picked up…

swatches videos pretty please 021 swatches videos pretty please 022

I found the display at Walgreen’s and went for a magenta, red and a mauve. None of them have disappointed me, in the least.

The colors are very pigmented and, with the use of a liner and lip primer, the wear is super long! I was also delighted that these matte lipsticks did not dry out my lips. There’s just a bit of a creamy feel to them…

swatches videos pretty please 023 swatches videos pretty please 026 swatches videos pretty please 030

With a dozen different shades to pick from, I love these three and have been wearing one or the other every day. Even on days where I don’t do full makeup, just a matte lipstick can give my naked face some ‘oomph’.  I picked mine up for about $2.50.

With my lip swatches, I didn’t use any primer or liner, just pure Jordana Modern Matte lipstick…

Matte Classy lip swatch

Matte Classy

Matte It Girl lip swatch

Matte It Girl

Matte Style lip swatch

Matte Style

If you are ready to move over to mattes, I highly recommend these.

Do you like matte lipsticks?

  • These are pretty and I love your colour selections.

    • These are sort of my standards. I am very happy with how they look on me.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I adore these. I have the full set and I find myself wearing them just about every day. I also love Bare and Tease

    • Ohhh, thanks for the referral colors! 🙂

  • Dare looks daunting, but it’s such a lovely berry color. Feels great, too. Love it!

    • OK, I’ll look for it. I like berry colors too.

  • Maria

    I have seen so many positive reviews of these! I’ll have to pick some up next time I can. I do like matte lipsticks, and I would recommend the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipsticks!

    • Those are really nice lippies but, since they are not cruelty-free, I have given up on that brand.

  • I really love Matte Style on you! These matte lipsticks are fantastic, especially for how inexpensive they are. They perform better than some that are over $30!

    • Jordana did good with these, indeed!!!

  • Matte Style is gorgeous on you. I really enjoy these and I’m impressed with how much I love them. Overall I have been a fan of Jordana for years… but I love their new goodies.

    • I never gave them a second look until I started reading beauty blogs. Now I know what a good buy and product they are.

  • Style is such a pretty shade!