Julie G: Matte Sparkle Collection From Groupon

Have you purchased anything from Groupon? I scour their daily newsletter for something that is a good buy or, for something I have wanted to try out. I don’t think there is one thing I have purchased that I have ever been disappointed in either. Getting this set of JulieG polishes did not disappoint…

nail swatches 004In a sea of pastels during Spring and Summer, it is a welcome change to have bright colors. These are right up my alley too.

Let’s start…

nail swatches 006nail swatches 020 nail swatches 008‘Tangerine Dream’ looks a super yummy icee drink. The glitter in this is fiery.

There’s a little tip noted on each bottle…

nail swatches 007Now another fiery shade…

nail swatches 010 nail swatches 011 nail swatches 019‘Sugar Rush’ looks like molten lava. I’m crazy on this one too.

nail swatches 012 nail swatches 013 nail swatches 021‘Hot Cinnamon’ rocks out a glittery red that is sure to win over any red nail polish lover. Like me.

nail swatches 022 nail swatches 015 nail swatches 014‘Rock Candy’ is probably the least dimensional of the set. It’s still pretty but not as outstanding as its mates.

nail swatches 017 nail swatches 018 nail swatches 016‘Crushed Candy’ is another one, like ‘Rock Candy’ that doesn’t have the umph that the oranges and red have. Still pretty and, they both look much better on the nail than in the bottle.

The entire collection is a winner. It was fun to wear these when there were so many pastels around. Not being so much of a pastel polish wearer, it is nice that Julie G’s brand contributed a different twist of fun summer colors this year. I used two medium, thick coats to achieve this look…

nail swatches 024 nail swatches 025 nail swatches 028Oh, and I tried it, then, with a shiny top coat, just for kicks…

nail swatches 034The tip was a good idea. A top coat doesn’t add a thing to these sparklers.

The last thing I purchased from Groupon was a set of sheets. They are chocolate colored with a faint embossing of leaves. They are gorgeous and soft. I have never had dark colored sheets before so spending $30 for them worked out perfectly. What have you bought from Groupon?

  • Lisa Chakan

    Very, very pretty collection!!!!!

    • I am happy with the purchase. šŸ™‚

  • Kristie

    these are gorgeous! I love how well you captured their sparkle.

  • Amber

    I love them all, but Rock Candy…omg…need now!! What a great Groupon find!!

    • You like Rock Candy? It was my least favorite too. LOL

      • Amber

        That’s so funny! Rock Candy and Crushed Candy are the two I liked best! I love glitter and sparkle, but I just gravitate towards those shades in general lol!!