June Klutchclub Box: Now That’s A Subscription Box!

Today, I received my third Klutch box and I feel like it’s Christmas. Klutch box is only $10 (add another $8 in for shipping) a month and you can purchase several months at a time or, singly. That versatility should appeal to many customers. I love my subscription so much that I ordered several months at a time.

Here’s what I got today:

June Klutch Box 001 June Klutch Box 004 June Klutch Box 005 June Klutch Box 006

Presentation is everything!

I got all this…

June Klutch Box 011

And, this…

June Klutch Box 017And this…

June Klutch Box 015Sure, hangovers suck. But, I have never had one….I said ‘ONE’!!! 😉

Most of the items are full-size or overly large samples. And, most importantly to me, these are products that I would actually purchase…

June Klutch Box 021 June Klutch Box 022 June Klutch Box 023These two items are what I’m most excited to try…

June Klutch Box 024The Walgreens catalog with Fergie on it not only has health-related articles, but also coupons on products mentioned in those articles.

I checked my mail on the way to a business meeting and found I had received my June Klutchbox. I couldn’t wait to get home and open it. Everything I received is something I look forward to using.

You can sign up for Klutch box here.

  • BeckyMiles

    Wow! Just wow! What an awesome selection of goodies! 😉