Khroma Beauty: It’s Just More Kardashian Hype

It’s rare that I dislike a makeup so much that I will return it. However, when I figured in the price, it was easy to return this one.

nail swatches Gosh 037nail swatches Gosh 038nail swatches Gosh 039I do like the faux-croc packaging. But I got this for the makeup.

It was my intention to try review this ‘Kard-ass-enin’ shit to make a fair judgement. And, I am doing just that. These are my own opinions and experiences. Your MMD (mileage may differ). I’m happy with shopping at Ulta because I was able to get store credit and make another purchase.

Most of these shades are pigmented, yes. However, when I applied them, once without a primer and then with Two Face Shadow Insurance, I got a chalky mess…

nail swatches Gosh 042nail swatches Gosh 048I found that the off white, the lightest grey and the medium grey shades didn’t transfer to my lids well at all. Of the six shades I used, it was mostly the black matte that made a mess of my look…

nail swatches Gosh 041The blush was OK, but it barely lasted for four hours.  I used the highlighter, which had good pigment, on my brow bone. Even the bronzer was a light enough shade that it worked well as a contour shade; it just didn’t stay all day. So, it wasn’t ALL crappy.

nail swatches Gosh 049I did some swatches…

nail swatches Gosh 053 nail swatches Gosh 051This is a new line and I lost all sense of sanity when I bought this pallete. This one was the only one left and that’s a sell, right there. But luckily, I had the common sense to return this one.

And, to show you my FOTD using Kim’s Kardazzle palette, this is what it looked like right after applying it…

NOTD EOTD 016 NOTD EOTD 014I used Two Faced Shadow Insurance and a taupe shadow from Forever 21 as a base.

This is what I looked like when I came home from work, 4-1/2 hours later…

NOTD EOTD 022 NOTD EOTD 021 NOTD EOTD 019The price of Khroma Beauty cosmetics is higher than most drugstore makeup. I would expect it to be of a better quality. Thus, I returned it because I was not satisfied.

For some reason, the website is only shown as ‘coming soon’.

If you bought this, did you have a different experience?

  • I haven’t worn this one yet, just swatched it, but the Khloe one is really great. I got long lasting wear with it. I have to try this soon so I can do a review, not just swatches.

    • Shelley, because I have oily eyelids, that’s why I got creasing. Even with a primer. The only part that lasted was the highlight color on my brow bone. I look forward to seeing what your results will be.

  • I saw some of the collection at Meijer (which is similar to Walmart) but was afraid to take a chance. I would like to know what the mascara is like.

    • You’ll have to let me know if you get some. I don’t plan on purchasing any more from this line.

  • I saw a couple of youtube reviews and they said the Khloe palette is better, but even with that they said save your money b/c it’s not that great.