Kitschy Suburbia’s 150th Post Giveaway

Megan owns ‘Kitschy Suburbia‘ blog.  She has reached her 150th post on her blog and she is celebrating it by having a giveaway.

Now, first off, I think Megan should get the prize because this is one busy chick!  Yet finds time to spend with her family, work a job in the medical field (been there, I know how draining that work can be), whip up some awesomely good meals and shares the recipes, and, on top of all that has her own blog sharing her love of nail polishes, along with family life.  Phew!  Seriously, I couldn’t do all that AND still be as sweet as Megan.

Here is just a bit of the giveaway (and it’s a sweet one!!!!)…

This photo belongs to Kitschy Suburbia.  I have been given permission to use it in this post.

This is a collection called ‘Glitter Vixen’ from Color Club.  Which, just happens to be one of my very favorite brands.  Put some glitter in it and O-M-G!!!  I don’t have this one, but would love to add it to my collection.

In order to find out what you can do to get your entry in, go over to Kitschy Suburbia Blog, check out the rules for entering and do follow this blog.  It’s all-around fun and Megan is a sweetheart.