Kleancolor ‘American Eyedols’ Baked Shadows

What is hot this summer? Baked makeup. Baked shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, you name it.  Baked makeup isn’t a new trend, it’s just a hot trend right now.

I found a brand new display of Kleancolor’s American Eyedol Baked Shadows. I almost squealed but somehow managed to just blurt out ‘Oh, Wow!’

 I got these at Abradel Beauty Supply in Orlando, FL. There website is www.abradel.com, however I do not see this makeup available on the site.

The owner said they had just received them in. Brand new!!! And she was more than accommodating to allow me to photo them for my blog.

Here I snapped some of the colors I WILL get next time. In fact, I have, on purpose, scheduled to visit a client out in that area of town so I can swing by Abradel’s.

Here are the ones I picked…

Glitter Midnight (a medium gray with silver sparkles), Malt (a dark taupe with a bluish silver tone, my favorite!), Khaki (an antique gilded gold) and Glitter Teal (a medium teal with darker teal and silver sparkles).

I swatched them all, dry and wet. There is a lot of pigment in these, which pleased me. However, when I used it dry, there was fall out. Nothing that my fan brush couldn’t whisk away.

At the sunny window. The order here is different. First is Malt, Khaki, Glitter Midnight, and then Glitter Teal.

Same order, out in the sunlight…

How about that pigmentation with the wet swatches? It is awesome as eyeliners. That’s a fairly good deal to get a shadow and an eyeliner in one product for $1.99.

I only picked up the four because I wanted to see if they would preform as well as they looked. May I say they passed the ‘Libby Test’ and I will be purchasing a few more this week. So, look forward to more swatches of Kleancolor’s American Eyedols. And, look for them for yourself too.

Pretty, aren’t they?