Kleancolor Haul Blitz

I hope you like my new blog layout. I am in LOVE with it!!!

It’s hot outside, yes. But, getting into my car after it has been sitting in a parking lot is WAY hotter! Now, imagine doing that 5 to 7 times a day…minimum. The car A/C does work but geez, I can’t wait for summer to be over.

This is exactly why I try to get out early to do my projects and visit clients. I did great today and got done before noon. The last client I visited is in the same strip mall as Abradel Beauty Supply. This is my Kleancolor’s headquarters. I’ve done some posts here and here in the past where I showed you my hauls from Abradel’s.

And, after that last client, I made it my reward to see if Abradel’s had anything new. How about a newly stocked Kleancolor nail polish display! Looky what I picked up…

15 shimmers, glitters and sparklies. I’m rubbing my grubby hands together right now.

Let’s break these down for some good nail polish porn…

The Greens: Peaceful Heart, Diamond Green, Golden Nightmare (love this one’s name)

Here’s a closer look at Peaceful Heart…

And one of Golden Nightmare…

The Golds: Golden Nirvana, Gold Cavier, Tiara Gold

Check out Golden Nirvana….

And this is Gold Cavier…

Blue and Red: Blue Satin, Red Sparkle, Diamond Red

A closer peek at Blue Satin…

The Oranges: Diamond Gold, VIP, My Rightful Throne

The Pinks: Diamond Pink, Diamond Fuchsia, Pearl Beige

Pearl Beige a bit closer…

Here are the ones I got from the ‘Diamond’ series…

The Diamonds: Diamond Gold, Diamond Red, Diamond Pink, Diamond Fuchsia, Diamond Green

Since there was so many to pick from, I just did the ol’ stick your hand in the bag and grab one. I’ll show you tomorrow which one I snagged. 😀

And one other cool thing, the owner of Abradel remembered me and my blog. How sweet!

  • omg I can't wait to see the swatches! LOVE anything that sparkles and glitters :]

  • I'm not liking you very much right now. First…your layout is so glam. Love it! Second…you tell me you have Mirrors and I hate you. Third…you show me all THIS. *sigh* I'm going to go bed now and dream of all this polish goodness. There are some awesome polishes in that lot!

  • @SiSi Sparkles I should be getting up a swatch post later today. Yes, you would love these!

    @Megan If you lived across the street, I'd let you borrow the Zoyas. LOL Ah, please don't hate me just because I'm beautiful (remember the commercial?) I am now your POOR, BROKE friend. 😉

  • Fabulous haul! I love the green:)

  • Wow wow can't wait to see some swatches 🙂

  • Good thing you can get this in person. You saved some $ on shipping since BeautyJoint doesn't have free shipping at all over any $ amount.

  • @Vintage Makeup The one with the hearts? Yes, it is totally unique.

    @Diana I just put up the first one. 🙂

    @kittypolishnbags Oh, yea, I know. I hope Abradel continues to keep getting new stock.

  • Looking forward to seeing these lovely polishes!

  • @GothamPolish As you wish, my dear! 🙂