LA Girl Pink – St Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 9

For Day 9 of the Marathon, I picked this LA Color named ‘Pink Satin.’  In the bottle, it has a fuchsia shimmer.  However, I think it stayed in the bottle…

I don’t have a lot of spamola on this swatch.  Suffice it to say, it was thin and very sheer. I have on 4 coats here.  When I find a polish such as ‘Pink Satin’, I think it’s perfect for someone that wants to wear nail polish but doesn’t want to scream the fact.  Also, I can see a young girl wearing this color, as well.

I tried to capture that shimmer on my polish, and this was as close as I could get.  In real life, it’s still difficult to see.  I had to ‘look’ for it as it wasn’t obvious.
Even with all its shortcomings, I do like the color.  It’s a girly pink and it would be office friendly.  If you don’t mind a watery, sheer polish, this one is worth it.  Also, let me say, that ‘Pink Satin’ came from a store called Below 5.  This is mostly a candy store but has lots of very inexpensive t-shirts, label buttons, gag tricks, toys and makeup.  They have a lot of LA Girl and LA Colors makeup.  There were a couple of these stores that I frequented when I lived in Virginia Beach, VA.  Unfortunately, they don’t have them here in Florida.  Drats!
But they do have a lot of beauty supply stores that sell wigs, hair extensions and products for such.  Here’s what I got last week…

I’m going to make my own wild color clip-in hair extensions.  The clips were $1 each.  The hair was $2 each.  That’s a lot cheaper than the $15 I see in other stores like Sally’s or Hot Topic.  This beauty store had a lot of different color hair extensions like these. I got 2 that I didn’t have already.

When it comes to coloring my hair, I’m commitment-phobic.  But, when it comes to buying nail polish, the more the merrier!

Do you wear the clip-in hair extensions?  Do you have a Five Below store nearby?  How many pink nail polishes to you own?  I have enough that I don’t really want to know the exact number. 😉