Laissez Faire: A Christmas Palette For Fun

I guess I got a lot on clearance from Walgreens after Christmas because I’m still photographing and playing with items I have in the ‘need to review’ box. Yet, even though I have a lot in there, I didn’t pay much at all. Seriously! Look at this cute Profusion palette that was $5 at regular price and I got it for $2.50!…


Gosh, I’m hypnotized by the case’s pattern…



There is quite a bit going on inside the case…

DSCF0076 DSCF0078


And that is just the top case! Look what is in the second side…



Let me start with the second side. The neutrals here are very, very soft…

DSCF0081 DSCF0080


When you look at my swatches, I used my usual Q-tip swab swatching and I scrubbed! I picked three shades to swatch and you can barely see the color on the very far left…



The far right swatch is the pink blush, the one at the top…



This is just fine if you want a very subtle look. Of course, a decent brush picks up, and transfers, the powder a bit better. Oh, and the lippies are glosses. When I placed my lip brush into them, it sunk right down to the bottom of the pan. They are so creamy I do not know how they keep from dripping out of the palette. So, naturally, they don’t last but a brief moment on the lips. As pretty as the lip shades are, they have no lasting power at all. The blushes, however, build so nicely and I love both shades.

Here’s a snapshot of the top palette right after I swiped my Q-tip swab on some of the shadows to swatch…



Whoa! Super-ultra powdery!! But, look at the payout…



No scrubbing required! I loved the way these all blended together and I didn’t mind the fallout because they applied so creamy and dreamy.

For $2.50, I am very happy. The colors blend, albeit with fallout from the top palette, yet not a crumb from the bottom palette. The two blushes are perfect, either together or on their own. The lip glosses are fun to play with but they don’t last but an hour, if that. This is the type of palette I’d take on a road trip because I would be able to make a lot of different eye looks with it but also, if it got lost, it wouldn’t break my heart a lot.

I am usually closely supervised when doing photographs. My big bear, Sebastian, just hangs out in the laid back mood…



Can you be so laissez faire about a cheap palette?

  • Awesome palette of variety for such a great price.

  • I totally want that palette but as a clutch lol it’s so pretty!

  • Nidia Doherty

    I saw those on clearance at my Walgreens, but they were in less than pristine condition, so I didn’t pick it up. Looks like some fun colors, but a little bit too much work!

    • No work except for whisking away some crumbs. And, it was more crumbly on the palette itself rather than on my face.

  • I really like the packaging with multiple layers! I wish more companies did this without charging an arm & leg!

    • Yes! I am in total agreement!

  • erikatheicyone

    I saw a couple of these at my local but they were opened and violated. Needless to say, I passed! :barf:

    Your beauty blogging assistant is a very handsome boy. <3 Mine likes to come hang out on my table for a bit them get in the window and bake in the sun. 😀

    • Sun and curiosity; that’s sure to draw a crowd….of at least one feline. I was lucky to find one in clearance that hadn’t been fiddled with.

  • Holy crap! Thats a great deal!!

  • The eyeshadows look good for the price

    • Even for $5 it would have been quite nice.

  • Noelle

    Yay for clearance stuff!

  • Yay for deals!

    • Deals that put smiles on faces!

  • Awesome deal!

  • Anastasia

    Oh wow this is so pretty! Can’t believe you got this gorgeous palette for just $2.50 :O

    • And, it wasn’t wrecked either.

  • Love the packaging and the price!!

    • I have that ‘I win! look on my face.

  • Shame about the neutral shades but that teal makes up for it 😛

    • I would be over the moon if those neutrals would have been as pigmented as the top level ones. OMG!!!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Pretty shades, but the packaging gets me! I love it!

    • I am still leaving it sitting out on my vanity. 🙂

  • FabZilla_Kath

    You aways find the great deals!

    • It’s helpful that I drive around to places for my job. It’s nothing to swing into Rite Aid or Walgreens.

  • That is such a pretty palette.

    • You know, it has really grown on me too.

  • hehe I guess for $2.50, this isn’t too bad! I like the kitty lurking in the background 🙂

    • I have three such stalkers. Someone always has to be spying on me. LOL