Lash Em: I’m Still In Love With The Serum And Mascara One Year Later

Lash’Em is a product I was sent for review. That was a year ago. Click here to read it. What I’d like to share is that I am still using this product. So much so, that I got another set…

There is just a wee bit left of the lash serum and I’m working on finishing that off. I am using it 5 to 6 times a week. And the Double Trouble Mascara isn’t used up quite either. However, I made my move to purchase these two items, as backup, because they had a great sale. I got both for $40 and free shipping. Considering the serum is $70 and the mascara is $20, regularly price, I got a hell of a bargain!

My lashes are still long and full, if not even more so than when I reviewed this last December. The mascara is my most favorite.

Now that I’ve done a double review and STILL love the product, are you interested in trying it yourself?