Le Metier De Beaute: CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set

The past 30 days have been very busy for me. However, for the most part, a ‘good’ busy. So when an opportunity to experience a spa treatment occurred, I knew it came at the right time.

To start things off, this was the first time I got to experience Le Metier de Beaute products. I had read mentions of Le Metier in magazines and had seen it at the counter in Neiman Marcus, yet never explored it further. I was an open book for my spa treatment and makeover with Le Metier de Beaute.

Irina, Le Metier de Beaute Product Specialist, gave me the hands-on tour. Let me say that Ms. Irina was a delight to spend time with. She explained each step of the spa treatment and showed me every color she chose for my makeover.

The first step was to experience Le Metier’s new Mask and Peel products. After removing my makeup and cleansing my face with their Daily Renew Cleanser, Irina followed up with a toner, Daily Refresh Toner, and this smelled so wonderful, I felt myself melting into the table…

Next, we got to the heart of the matter: The CHEM60 Pro-Peel and following, the GLOW10ai Mask. The CHEM60 Pro-Peel is powerful and the benefits are noticed immediately. Yet, this mask is gentle enough to be used up to 3 times per week. All the while hydrating the skin, the Pro-Peel diminishes those fine lines and wrinkles to reveal smooth and soft skin. Using some of the most powerful salicylic and glycolic acids available without a physician’s prescription, Pro-Peel only needs to be left on the skin for 1 to 5 minutes. Then it is wiped away. I felt my skin breathing in a glow. This peel doesn’t burn or smell. In fact, it feels quite comfortable.

Once the Pro-Peel was removed, Irina moved on to applying the GLOW10ai Mask. The product is packaged in a tube, much like a large tube of toothpaste. However, the Mask has a thick, flat brush at the top to spread the product out across the face. The product doesn’t have to be applied thick as it just needs to cover the skin, staying away from the eye area. As with the CHEM60 Pro-Peel, GLOW10ai Mask is perfect for all skin types and tones.

While my mask was drying, over a period of 10 minutes, Irina explained the benefits of Le Metier de Beaute’s new set, all the while massaging my shoulders, neck, arms and hands. The entire system can be done in 15 min so there isn’t any downtime due to dermatologist appointments or dealing with redness and burning that other peels can produce. Both Le Metier products are completely natural and are infused with vitamins, hydrators and antioxidants to reveal softer, smoother and brighter skin. Le Metier has patented a proprietary formula that allows these nutrients to move beyond the top 3 layers of skin without harmful and irritating effects. What it does do is leave the skin fresh, healthy and supple. Irina peeled away the mask and I touched my skin. It was so smooth and, the thing I noticed the most was that my skin felt plumped up with hydration.

Next, we moved out to the counter to start the makeup makeover.  That I’m saving for Part 2!!