Liberace’s Favorite

Even though my nails are really crappy right now, I shouldn’t let that stop me from posting swatches of past.  Funny how I don’t think about posting when my current nail condition has nothing to do with past recorded manicures.   I need to get over that one!

Do I like Orly or, do I like China Glaze more?  Hmmm…I don’t know if I can answer that one.  I really like both of them.   And I’m even harder pressed to chose one with the cool Holiday collections they gave us this year.

I’m on a gold kick!  Where I never would have imagined wearing something so presumptuous as gold polish, I am now enamored.  This swatch is with Orly’s ‘Glitz and Glamour.’  Before you look at the photos, you just might want to put on a pair of dark shades; this gold has its high beams on.


These photos were taken at the sunny window.  The consistency of the polish fascinated me.  I am pleased with myself that I was able to capture it with the camera.  The polish is  a gold base with more gold glitter in it than Liberace’s wardrobe. 

                                                          Michael S. Yamashita / Corbis
Well….after looking at this photo from his museum (now defunct), maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.  (Ya think?)

Outside in the sun, it blazes like the sun, doesn’t it?  The amount of gold color is unbelievable.  The photo has more copper tones showing, but it truly is a perfect shade of gluttonous, glittering gold.  (I lopped off a chunk of my nail on my middle finger.  Totally bummed that it is on my swatching hand too.)

Orly was spot on by naming this ‘Glitz and Glamour’.  I don’t think I could have topped that.  And, if Liberace ever wore nail polish, I bet you bouillons to piano keys, he would have worn this. 

The Liberace museum, in Las Vegas,  closed in mid-October.  It was due to lack of tourist draw.  And that’s quite sad.  I grew up watching him on color TV at my grandparent’s house.  What a performer.   This was well before Madonna, Lady Gaga….hell, Cher had hardly taken off her fur vest yet!   Ahhh, the innocence of being so young and only seeing Liberace for his performances; nothing else.

Do you think this polish is aptly named?  Are you old enough to remember seeing Liberace’s show on TV?  I bet a good part of my followers are not.  You might know who he is, hopefully.  But sadly, that’s why the museum shut down; lack of an audience that remembers him.