Lime Vs. Chartreuse

I don’t consider myself a morning person.  I like to stay up late and get up late.  But the early morning light on my patio is just awesome for nail photos.

These first two photos are taken in my home office.  It has a Northern exposure and it can be really kind for photos too.  I so wanted to capture the super micro-glitter in Love & Beauty’s ‘Lime’. 

The top one is from my office window, which I call my ‘sunny window.’  The next is a Florida, sunny morning shot.

I have on 4 coats for ‘Lime.’  It was watery but then, I expected that.  I do lower my expectations purchasing a $2.80 bottle of polish at Forever 21.  The color is way more vibrant on the nail than in the bottle.  And, I’m OK with that.  If I saw a lime this color, I wouldn’t purchase it because I’d figure it wasn’t ripe yet.  However, Chartreuse is a much better moniker for this polish.  This is an out and out Chartreuse color.  I had two strangers tell me that it was bright.  I noted they didn’t say it was pretty, just that it was bright.
I agree…

I did put a coat of Nailene’s Miracle Maker on as the top coat.  Sadly, ‘Lime’ doesn’t photo well enough to show you the true level of sparkle it has.  I’m fairly fair, but I think someone with a good tan could really rock this color.  I think someone would need to be patient enough to endure at least 4 or more coats because I can still see visible nail line on my hands.

Do you like Chartreuse?  Would you have to use spell check to get the right spelling like I had to?  LOL  Anyone green with envy over this color?