Lipstick Mixtapes: The Blood

As a beauty blogger, I have been able to learn more about independent beauty companies. And, I consider myself honored to know some of the owners personally.

I purchased a lipstick from Safia, owner of Lipstick Mixtapes. She is a smokin’ hot makeup artist here in the Orlando area. And who but a makeup artist would know what makes a great lipstick? Safia is a proud member of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida and that’s how we got to meet.

This is the one I selected from her collection…

As I was scanning Safia’s display of the different colors, my eyes went right for this awesome red. I asked her what it was called and she said ‘The Blood’. But she said it such a seductive, Southern way, I made her repeat it because I loved the way ‘The Blood’ just sort of rolled out when she said it.

This is a red that almost anyone can wear. This is a matte red so it doesn’t feel creamy. However, that’s what you want with a matte. It applies very easily and you can tell then that it has true staying power. I applied ‘The Blood’ this morning around 9:30. I touched it up once at 1:30 after having a smoothie for lunch. This photo is right before I had dinner and 6 hours since the last touch up. I don’t have the luscious lips to show off a lipstick look but, I think I get a pin-up babe look with this color. I don’t smile with my mouth closed but it was the only way to make sure some of my lips would show.

Check out this swatch on my arm by the sunny window…

Yummy! I like this lipstick and shade very much. I didn’t get any bleeding or hardly any fade while wearing it. My lips didn’t feel dry either. And this lipstick works very well with any of the glosses I have. I will use ‘The Blood’ as my staple red lipstick.

Safia’s Lipstick Mixtapes are $12 each. Out of the 9 original shades, there are only 4 colors left. If you like ‘The Blood’, I recommend that you order yours pronto!