Love My 2 in 1 Glitter Stick Eyeliners

I love going to the beauty supply stores.  This isn’t something I did before blogging.  I thought they only sold hair for extensions and weaves.  Then I learn that some of them have makeup.  Now I have a couple of favorite stores that I really like to visit.  I picked up these eyeliners at one…

The pink one still has its ‘cast’ on.  However, let me tell you that it really is a light pink.

The brand is called ‘Love My…’  The company that makes these is called ‘Bari Cosmetics, Ltd’.  Never heard of them before.  However, I do like these pencils. It says on the pencils ‘Love My 2 in 1 Glitter Stick.’

The aqua is named ‘Popstar.’  It’s a baby teal blue.  Next is ‘Sweetlove’ and it’s a pale pink.  Last is the white that’s called ‘Tail Spin’.  All have glitter in them but when I swatched them, it turns out to be more shimmery than glittery.

In the sunny window.
In direct light.

The pencils are creamy and went on without any tug.  I haven’t blended these swatches so you can see the pigment is fairly heavy.  I used ‘Tail Spin’ as a base on my eyelids and it held firm for about 4 hours.  It wasn’t chalky-looking either.  It’s very close to NYX’s ‘Milk’.  Today I used ‘Tail Spin’ on my waterline.  Even with glitter in it, there wasn’t any flakies or glitter bits on my line; just color and it was easy to apply.

I think I paid a buck of reach of these.  I, on purposely, picked 3 colors to try that I don’t have already.  I think I might be able to use the pink ‘Sweetlove’ as a lip liner.  I’ll have to experiment with it.

The colors are very fitting for this spring and summer’s trends, wouldn’t you say?