Loving My Hearts – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 12

Wow!  Only two more days after today!  This Marathon has gone quickly since I have done a post every day.

This is my favorite St. Valentine’s Day manicure polish for the entire marathon.  This is Finger Paint’s ‘Up & Coming Artist’…


 It’s a bubblegum pink and it’s a girly pink-slight-shimmer color.  There are several reasons I like Finger Paints.  One is they are affordable.  Another one is that they have a wide color assortment.  And yet another, they have clever names.

It just would happen that my nails would break and then they’d all be uneven lengths.  Man, my right hand is even worse!  Hopefully, ‘Up & Coming Artist’ is so pretty that it distracts from the uneven lengths and the crying for moisture cuticles.

I even noticed that my adidas shirt I had on when photographing this manicure matched…

So, could I play around with this manicure and add in some love?

But, of course!  I didn’t own one single Nicole by OPI until about 25 days ago.  It was that Spawn of Satan, ‘Justin Bieber’ that had a collection done by Nicole that possessed me.  Then I saw ‘Love Your Life’ and knew it would really work for this Manicure Marathon.

I tested ‘Love Your Life’ on some wax paper to see how dense the heart glitter was.  Well, it wasn’t very dense at all, which has been my experience with mega glitter polish.  So, using the same wax paper, I swiped polish on it til I got a hold of some hearts and then transferred them onto my nails.  I still had to stroke the polish on the nails because there is pink and iridescent  micro-glitter in it.  But I manually, randomly placed the hearts.

The heart glitter is subtle enough that it doesn’t make me look like I’m 13.   But then what would I know; I act 13!

I put on a couple of coats of Seche Clear to trap the glitter down.  It worked on most of them.  I think I only lost one the day and a half I wore this manicure.

Sweet enough for a St. Valentine’s Day manicure.  Oh, and yes, that glitter didn’t come off the nail easily at all.  At that point, it ceased being a sweetheart!

Do you have any mega-sized glitter polish?  If you do, what’s the shape?