Lustre Shine Collection by Sally Hansen

The new Sally Hansen Lustre Shin polishes were ones I knew I’d have to have. These are excellent examples of duochrome and multichrome polishes.  I saw them on PR releases, even though the pictures were actually computer renditions, I, still, sort of knew they’d be special.

I think I’m right…

I kept it to 4 out of the 6 in the collection. The first swatch, the glitter teal, is NOT part of this collection (sorry!). The orange is Lava, then Scarab, Plume and Moonstone.

As a beauty blogger, my stash of nail polishes grows by leaps and bounds. And I have a considerable amount of unswatched polishes. Even though it can be tough, I’m working on only purchasing those that are not duplicates of something I already own.

And then, I think the price of $8.50 is steep for any Sally Hansen polish. I did have $1 off coupons and that helps. However, I think these shades are awesome; don’t get me wrong. My expectations are that drugstore polishes shouldn’t be more than $7.00.

Regardless, I spent the money and, am happy to have these to add to my hoards collection.

It’s not unusual for the first coat of nail polishes to be thin. And these were, definitely, no exception. I’ve learned not to cause myself alarm thinking I’ve wasted my money on crappy polishes.The swatches, below, are all 3 coats and no top coat.

This is ‘Lava’, a blazingly brilliant orange with a flash of copper…

‘Plume’ is my favorite of the group. I do have several polishes that are so similar to this. Yet, I can’t resist the bronze and green flashes that remind me of a dragonfly’s eye…

Here is ‘Scarab’. I think ‘Plume’ should be named ‘Scarab’ and, vice versa…

And, my second favorite, ‘Moonstone’ that is anything but just a white polish…

I used to have a Toyota Celica this color!

Any way you turn these polishes, there is complexity to the shades as the light plays on them. The shades do work with transitioning into Fall and, the jewel-tones that this season is known for.

Do you have a favorite one? Or, could you not decide and get them all?

  • I must have Plume and Scarab! My birthday is coming up so I’m definitely putting these of my wish list!

    • Perfect occasion to get them! And, an early Happy Birthday to you. 😀

  • Connie

    I love all of those…I’m gonna have to look for them!

    • I’m sure you will like them, Connie. 😀

  • marciaf

    I’m wearing Firefly now and will be changing to Lava at the end of the week. I ended up with two of these for $9 at Meijers and I didn’t have a coupon. Their base price is $5.99 and they had BOGO 1/2. I was just thrilled to see the $6 price and didn’t know about the special.
    All the colors are so pretty. I hope they come out with more.