Mask Monday: Baroness Tomato Mask Sheet

I bring you another facial mask sheet review. Again, this one is one I picked up at Forever 21. This time the featured ingredient is the tomato…

tomato 2

I am not a huge fan of eating tomatoes however, I was ready to take on the tomato mask…

tomato 3

Well, the masks from Baroness all say the same tag line as you see above. That’s OK with me. I want those things too.

I was really interested in two things. One, how much tomato was in this mask…

tomato mask ingredients

As you can see, it only says .1%. Negligible. But it does have an ingredient that I do like to eat and that’s Kiwi.

The other burning question I had was, is the mask tomato red…

tomato mask

Alas, it wasn’t. It was the same milky white sheet that any of the Baroness masks I have tried from this line. (Check hereย for my review on the Baroness snail mask.) I think that may be a good thing. If it was red, it could have stained my skin. That wouldn’t work.

The tomato mask left my skin so smooth and soft. You bet I smelled the sheet and, I did find that it had the very faintest odor of something that reminded me of a garden. I can’t truly say it was that of a tomato however, it was so faint that I really could say that it was practically odor-free.

After relaxing for 20 minutes, I removed the mask and massaged in the leftover lotion on my skin. I let it soak in and my face felt so smooth, I had my husband stroke my skin to make sure I wasn’t just making it up. I wasn’t and he was as amazed as I was. In fact, I was delighted. And then, sad that I didn’t purchase more than just tomato mask. For a dollar, it’s a wonderful treat for my face…

tomato 4

Purchasing the Baroness masks at Forever 21 has been one of the best new skincare purchases I have made this year. What some of us won’t do for beauty…

tomato mask photoIf I find these masks again at Forever 21, I will most certainly pick up more.

Have you tried any of these masks yet?

  • LOL! Scary mask face! I’ve been neglecting my mask game lately. I don’t think I ever noticed these at F21 before. Will have to take another look-see!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      All my mask selfies look the same. If you do look for the masks, they are in the impulse section at the lineup at the registers. I always look there first when I go to F21.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Gee, that’s great to know! I’ll look for this one. The only skincare product I bought at F21 was one of their wipes packages, and they didn’t work for me. But this mask sounds great, and for $1, I’m there!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Do you remember which wipes you got? Their Lavender ones are my #1 rated facial wipe. But, I haven’t seen it there lately. Let me tell you, you won’t regret spending $1 on these masks. I want more.

      • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

        I’d have to look it up. They were not the Lavender ones that you loved, because they didn’t have them. They came in a pink or pink & white pouch. They just didn’t remove my eye makeup at all. I won’t hold that against F21’s other products, lol

        • Kimberly Purcell

          I wonder if they are the Grapefruit ones. I haven’t tried them. Something tells me not to do it, though. *shrugs* I won’t get the ones you tried that failed.

          • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

            No, it was F21 Cocoa Shea Butter Wipes. Avoid them ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Kimberly Purcell

            Thank you for the heads up, my dear. I shall skip those.

  • I love love love tomatoes ๐Ÿ˜€ and this mask sounds like a good one!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I’m happy I didn’t have to eat one and could just put it on my face to get the good stuff.

  • I still need to try a sheet mask!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I know you will find it to be a wonderful and pleasant experience.

  • I’m a huge fan of sheet masks from Korea! I have a stash that will probably last me a few months if I used them every day ๐Ÿ™‚ great find!!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I have several Korean masks too, waiting for review. I’ve joined a conscious relaxation with these masks and it is a very nice experience.

  • Wait, where have I been? I didn’t even know Forever21 SOLD masks! It could be because I shop online and only browse the clothing. The mask sounds awesome, especially for $1.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I found these in the impulse purchase area at the cash wrap. Last time I was there they had cellulite patches (uhm, no, those don’t really work), hand masks and foot masks. I did pick up the foot mask.

  • I love masks, but tomatoes break me out. I will have to try some of the others that they sell I am placing an online order with forever 21

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Tomatoes are so acidic that I get sores in my mouth if I eat them raw. I can get away with a little bit in sauces but not much. I bought this one with the snail and pearl masks. I have yet to do my review on the pearl one but, it was just as lovely as the other two.

  • I love finding goodies at Forever 21, so affordable!!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Now, I always look at the cash wrap for goodies.

  • marciaf

    I dislike tomatoes so I’d probably ignore this mask. I like the idea of $1 masks though.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I dislike them too, Marcia. I subjected myself to it in the name of blogging. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • huh. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Forever 21.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I go for the cheap jewelry and check out the makeup and nail polishes. Lots of cool polishes.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I love tomatoes but c’mon 0.1% extract and name it tomato mask? deceiving ha

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Shows you just how liberal some FDA laws can be.

  • I wonder if I have a Forever 21 around here. You say tomato, I say bargain!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      There are lots of Forever 21 stores in Orlando. The Altamonte Mall, Mall of Millenia and the Florida Mall.

  • Ooooh. I kinda want to go to F21 asap. I’m not much of a mask girl, but I finally found one I like (RevelationsRX). It’s kind of pricey, so I’d love to test some cheaper options. Thanks for the review. Even though the tomato amount is small, it still has some good ingredients and it’s cheap enough for a test drive! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Here’s the Forever 21 mask for $1 and I got a single use mask at Sephora for $8. Buying the Sephora one was hard, let me tell you. I can get a whole bag of wipes for that much money. Or, a couple of Freeman Beauty tubes of masks for less than that.

  • $1 and a winner! Awesome! I’m glad it’s not red, too lol

    • Kimberly Purcell

      True. And I’m glad it didn’t smell hardly at all.

  • Aleya Bamdad

    I haven’t been to Forever 21 in ages. I want to check out this mask so it’s an excuse to go to the mall.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I hope you can find at least a couple of goodies to make your trip worthwhile.

  • I LOVE tomatoes to eat… but I have tried a mask once with tomato in it and it was too harsh on my skin… I would totally try this though – come on, the price point is fab.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      There’s hardly any tomato extract in this one however, someone that is super sensitive or allergic to tomatoes (on the skin or otherwise) might find that even a tiny amount not good. I didn’t have any tingling or negative sensation when I tried this.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I go into Forever 21 still and it NEVER occurs to me to look at their cosmetics and such!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Go to the cash wrap and look there.

  • I always forget forever 21 has beauty products. Once I get past the initial weird feeling, I like sheet masks.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      These are slimy, yes. But, I love how my skin feels afterwards.

  • I really love Forever 21 masks when I try them out!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      It’s one of the few things I like going to F21 to look for.