Mask Monday: Sephora’s Ginseng Mask

If you have every been to a Sephora makeup store, you know how much time you can spend in there. Also, how much money you’ll spend too. It’s not hard to rack up a huge haul with a bill that’s even bigger. So, when I go to Sephora I want to make sure every single one of my purchases give me the best that can be offered.

When I picked up Sephora’s Ginseng Mask for toning & Revitalizing, it had some big shoes to fill…

20150621_194539 sephora mask 1

Kinda cute how the picture of the lady applying that ‘fiber mask’ is doing it oh, so smoothly. Aaand, moving on…

sephora mask 7

I love the bright yellow packaging the mask came in but, I didn’t like the white lettering for the instructions. You might say, ‘Hey, Kimberly…what? Are you new?’ However, I think it’s important to make the directions clear for everyone. There is always a first time and, I wanted to know exactly how long it was going to take to get revitalized.

This single-use mask cost $6. I have to tell you that right up front because all the other single-use paper masks I have purchased are not even close to that cost. Thus, my expectations were extremely high. I was impressed with the packaging…

sephora mask 6

I had to take this photo and enlarge it a lot to be able to read the ingredients. It sure as heck didn’t happen when I was at the store. I felt the need for extremely thick readers to see this…


For touting Ginseng as the headliner, I found that it was listed high in the ingredients. And, if you squint really hard, you can see that there are several other natural/herbal type of items in there too.

The package that contained the mask was hard to tear open. I’m OK with that because there’s less chance for the mask to dry up. When I did get it opened, this mask was juicy…

sephora mask 8You can see some of the juice at the bottom. After I applied said juicy mask, I squeezed out some of the extra juice from the package and rubbed that into my neck. No need to waste.

Of course, I was kidding earlier when I mentioned the drawing of the lady applying the mask since these masks never quite mold to my face. Or, anyone else’s for that matter. I don’t fuss about it too much. This one was so juicy that I knew my entire face was going to get some product on it.

Now the good part; kicking back and chillin’ for 15 minutes while the Ginseng mask does its thing. While the product itself was very cooling, there was not any odor at all. Not even a hint of the aloe vera. But, that juiciness was mostly from the aloe and, surelycreating the cooling sensation.

sephora mask 10

When the fifteen minutes was done, I took a photo of my revitalized self, got a good chuckle and then removed the mask. I rubbed in the remaining juice and enjoyed very soft skin. Do I feel revitalized? Yes, I do. Do I feel toned as well? I would say so as my skin felt slightly plumbed after using this mask.

The entire experience was a very good one. I feel I got my money’s worth, my skin felt great and I enjoyed using Sephora’s Ginseng mask. I would love to use this one again.

Sephora has several different types of single-use facial masks. Have you tried any of them?

  • It’s always nice when masks are properly soaked in solution!

  • WOW $6, but it sounds like it was totally worth it! I feel like you just have a VAULT full of face masks, haha.

    • I find that rather steep. I would do it as a once in a while spurge.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I just got 3 fiber masks from a different brand in my recent ipsy bag, and they’re priced at $5 a piece, and I thought that was a lot. Clearly, Sephora found a money maker in these. I have scrutinized these masks in their colorful packaging each time I’ve been in the store, but the price has held me back. Glad to know that you found the Ginseng mask to be worth the price!

    • I do wish the price was a bit lower. However, I know that a lot of overhead expense, aka Sephora name, bumps up the cost.

  • I bought some masks from Sephora recently I need to use them. I love how serial killer is the new chic look with these masks hehe. I definitely want to try this one out I need a refresh/rejuvinated look !

    • I hope you blog about them because I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I love facial masks too, but they are so hard to apply and smooth out. They do leave your skin feeling amazing, so looking funny for 15 or more minutes is worth it.

    • I don’t think anyone can make them totally smooth. I have given up on trying to make it perfect. Luckily, only my husband sees me like that and even then, I stay in the bedroom, kicked back on the bed, alone. However, I guess I can’t say no one sees me since I broadcast it on a blog. Hee hee.

  • That’s expensive for a single use, but it sounds like you’ve found a really great mask.

    • It is pricey, for sure. I would use it as a once in a while spurge.

  • I haven’t tried any of the Sephora single use masks! Sounds nice though!

    • I am inclined to try another one for the sake of reviewing.

  • This sounds like a great one! Their masks are awesome.

    • I’m glad to hear from you that you like them too.

  • Sounds like a good mask. I haven’t tried sheet masks much.

    • Economically, they are pricey. However, I like them for an indulgence once in a while.

  • Norah Salazar

    I love sheet masks, I advice all my brides to use them!

  • marciaf

    I can never get a sheet mask on straight. There’s no way for it to look perfect, but if it works good that’s ok. After all how many people in real life take pictures of themselves with the masks on?

    • I gave up on even trying so hard to make it smooth. I work on getting the product on parts of my skin that the mask doesn’t seem to want to stay put. Like, under my nose. So, since this one was so juicy, it made for getting the product everywhere so much easier.

  • I hear ya with the white -on-yellow lettering. Who designs these things? Must be some 18-yr old with perfect vision! I’ve not tried any of Sephora’s masks, but I saw they had something online where if you bought so many you got one free. Good to know at least this one is worth the money!

    • For real. That printing has to be the worst I have come across.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I love all kinds of masks including sheets. Haven’t tried this ‘tho

    • You’ll have to put it on your Sephora shopping list. 🙂

  • Mai

    I love me some sheet masks but I think $6 might be a little too expensive for a single use item. Have you tried the Innisfree sheet masks?

    • I haven’t. Where can I get them?

  • I love really juicy masks like this!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I’ll have to try these!

    • They had a nice variety to choose from. I thought this one was the best for my skin needs.

  • I’m sending your blog over to my sister, she just asked me about these. This sounds nice especially since it is a sephora brand.

    • I bet she will like it. There were several types to choose from.

  • I have to say, I love your sheet mask selfies

    • I like that I have my alma mater t-shirt on the best. Wichita State University.

  • jeweledthumb

    I don’t know. I find the Sephora masks a bit overpriced. I don’t know if you’ve tried them yet, but the brand Hada Labo makes excellent sheet masks, that come out to under $4 a mask if you buy the 4 pack and ULTA almost always has them on sale (not affiliated). They are the best I’ve tried for the price, hands down.

    • I probably wouldn’t have gravitated to this mask had I not wanted to do it for ‘research’. 🙂 I can get two tubes of mask products from Freeman’s for the price of this one sheet mask.

      I rarely go to Ulta anymore. There are two in my area but I find them to be so messy and out of many items that I don’t like to shop there one bit. I should get into the habit of doing my online shopping with Ulta but I don’t want to reward a messy company with my dollars.