Maxima Rejuvenation Skin Care Review

(Facial Wipe Wednesday has been on hiatus as I have been testing out a couple of new skincare items.)

Getting an opportunity to try out a new skincare line is exciting for me, as a blogger. When I got the chance to try Maxima Rejuvenation Skin Care, I was very interested to check it out.

Here are the samples I got…

Gentle Daily Cleanser; Vitamin C 20%; Sunscreen SPF 30 and Biopeptide Mask.

I’ll start first with the Gentle Daily Cleaner

I was able to get 5 washes from this sample. Right off, I noticed it had a very distinct and strange smell to it. I can’t say it was terrible however, it wasn’t floral-y or clean smelling. It was a chemical odor. I wasn’t too put off by it but, I will forewarn those with even the slightest sensitive nose that they should not indulge in this cleanser.

The product was effective, for the most part. It didn’t tackle my mascara as well as I would like. The website says that Gentle Daily Cleanser works while ‘…leaving (skin) smooth, clean, refreshed, and  healthy looking.’ That, it does. My skin felt very clean, soft and pliable. This cleanser didn’t make my skin feel taunt after I used it. There are plenty of healthy ingredients in this cleanser too: shea butter, chamomile extract, aloe and tangerine oil. Gentle Daily Cleanser sells for $43  for 4 oz.

Next is the Vitamin C 20% Serum. Rough-handling by the USPS cracked this little vial’s glass at the top. Even though some of it had leaked out, I got 3 applications from it.

I used the serum right after I used the cleanser. I didn’t want to use a topical with Vitamin C in the morning, as sunlight can cause a not too pleasant photosensitivity to the skin. With each application of the serum, my skin drank it in. My skin was open to taking in the serum after such a thorough cleansing. I know that I couldn’t use the Vitamin C 20% Serum without following up with a moisturizer. This serum prepped my skin for that next step, though. Per Maxima’s website, this serum is a hard-working power horse. It helps diminish fine lines, detoxes the skin by bringing in oxygen to the cells. And, it will help firm the skin and that plumps up any wrinkles. A 1 ounce vial is $48.

And, next…

Sunscreen SPF 30 moisturizer. I have never liked any skin products that specifically had SPF in it. Especially facial products. But, there are a couple of things that Maxima has done with their SPF moisturizer to overcome some of the issues many folks have with this type of product. One is that it doesn’t have a smell, save for the slightest fragrance of citrus. I can smell it when I take a whiff from the jar but not when I have it on my face.

Here’s another hurdle, most SPF products are a royal pain to rub in. Actually, SPF is meant to sit on the skin to protect it. However, with the right moisturizing emollients, Maxima has developed the best of both worlds. I can’t say that my skin drank in Sunscreen SPF 30 but, I can say with a bit more rubbing in than usual, this lotion smoothed out and the white residue just didn’t exist. I have somewhat dry skin and yet, this moisturizer left my skin more dewy than I like. However, since I use mineral foundation, SPF Moisturizer worked hand-in-hand with that combo. This product is sweat-proof and doesn’t clog pores so, that makes it the best facial sunscreen for when I am out running. A 1 ounce bottle is $23.

Here is a photo of the Sunscreen SPF 30 moisturizer and the Biopeptide Mask…

The Biopeptide Mask is another product that works really hard. When I read the ingredient list for this mask and I saw ‘Matrixyl 3000®’ listed, I got excited. Matrixyl 3000® is a very potent and effective line and wrinkle remover. I have tried products in the past with this ingredient and it means business. The Maxima website states:

‘The use of the mask inhibits future new wrinkle development, brightens and lightens skin tones, rejuvenates and moistens the skin, in addition to encouraging new cell development.’

That’s a lot of jobs! And I want to add, this gel product works for all skin tones. I found that it made my skin feel very plump. And peptides are a godsend for products to be delivered into the skin layers. Think about peptides being the train that carries in the emollients into the skin cells.

I used it as a mask twice, leaving it on 20 minutes the first time and then 10 minutes the next. This method didn’t work for me as well as putting on a thin layer and leaving it on before bed. Not that there is anything wrong with the product, I just preferred using it as a moisturizer before bedtime. This gel isn’t heavy and feels cool when first applied. It has the lightest scent but, like the Sunscreen, I didn’t notice it at all when applying it to my face. Biopeptide Mask is $70 for 2 ounces.

These products performed as stated on their website. I can’t attest for the long-term effects of the Vitamin C 20% serum, as that is a product that needs to be used over a longer length of time to see results. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this serum long term. The Sunscreen is something that I will use during my morning runs. I found it just a bit too heavy for my liking to use under every day makeup. I’m happy I still have some of the Biopeptide Mask left as it is my favorite from the samples I tested. The one caveat I see is that the prices are expensive. I put these prices in the high-end arena. Yet, I think Maxima would hold its own up against some of the more famously known skincare lines.

Maxima Rejuvenation Skin Care is a US company. You can order their products directly from their website.

These products were provided for me to test and review. All opinions are my own honest ones.