Maybelline New York Fall 2012 Polish: Downtown Brown

Holy Whip It…Good!

It would be a huge surprise to me if my beauty blog is the only one you read. Heavens, I read at least 50 from time to time, myself. I’m a blogger but I’m more of a blogger reader. So, I have seen this gorgeous Fall polish alllll over the blogs…

A fancy-smancy ‘Downtown Brown’ from Maybelline. Coming from their Fall 2012 collection, I didn’t dally around trying to decide if I wanted this one. I grabbed it!

This is two coats and I didn’t even take the time to put a top coat on it. I loved how easy this Maybelline polish applied.

Not quite as light as milk chocolate but the green shimmer makes this one full of mystery!!…

The color in the bottle transferred to the nail very well. I don’t have to hunt for that green shimmer to show.

I still have nubby nails but they are growing fast and they feel strong too. ‘Downtown Brown’, however, continues to make me focus on my nails because that color is just BOSS! This is, so far, my favorite Fall shade.

I found this display at Walgreens and it was $4.99. I have seen this in several other Walgreens and Bed, Bath and Beyond, so I don’t think it is too difficult, at this time, to find.

Are you going to get it?