Milani Monday Series: Runway and Marbleized Baked Shadows

One of my favorite makeup brands is Milani. I don’t think they can come out with new products fast enough to satisfy me, I love them that much. So, I thought I’d start a new semi-series of Milani Mondays and share with you Milani items that I own.

The first Milani products I purchased were eye shadows. The colors trapped me on first look..

Here are a couple of regular shadows from the Runway collection: ‘Peaches and Cream’, ‘Golden Touch’; and a marbleized baked shadow called ‘Must Have Fuchsia’.

This is ‘Peaches and Cream’…

I thought that the sparkles were just a spray-over but they are there even below the top layer. And the pigment on all of these is solid. I haven’t tried them foiled (used with water) but I bet they continue to shine. I use ‘Peaches and Cream’ as an all over base, to which I layer other colors on top. And I like it alone for a more subdue feel.

This is ‘Golden Touch’…

‘Golden Touch’ isn’t quite as sparkly as ‘Peaches and Cream’, ironically. But it is still a very warm and bright shade. Mixed with other shadows, it adds a lot of warmth.

And the show-stealer, ‘Must Have Fuchsia’…

She steals the show, doesn’t she? You can see that I have put a dent in this one. I quit worrying about using colors I deemed too bright. Yes, this one is bright but doesn’t it look so otherworldly? The marbled look is so complex. And just like the other two, the pigment is strong and true. Fuchsia doesn’t have any sparkles though; it has a shimmer.

I swatched these with just my finger…

It looks like Fuchsia wants to be streaky, but it is not. These are very creamy and blend so well. Because of the sparkles, though, there is a lot of fall-out. I’m OK with that. A fan brush whisks it all away for me.

Now that I have done a review on these, I think I’m going to set them on the vanity and use these three together for an EOTD (eye of the day) look tomorrow. I think I can come up with something very hot!

Have you tried any of Milani’s eye shadows? Do you have a favorite?