Mineral Makeup Foundation Review or ‘How I Quit Shining’

Libby’s Vanity is holding a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to one of my favorite makeup companies: Southern Magnolia Minerals. If you would like to enter, jump over here to sign up. Giveaway ends Saturday, 6/11.

 Now, read on about why this company is my favorite.

This post is not only about a product I love but, one that is my all-time favorite. My foundation of choice: Southern Magnolia Minerals.


My first introduction to mineral makeup was watching a home shopping television show. I found out that Ulta carried this product,  so I made a special journey there to purchase a kit.

Fast forward about 4 months later; I was sold on how minerals worked on my skin. I liked that it didn’t feel heavy and truly felt like I wasn’t wearing any foundation at all. And, I really was looking for a better price, too. So I went where the competition is heavier: Ebay. I found two different businesses that made their own mineral makeup. I got samples from both and immediately fell in love with Southern Magnolia Minerals. The powder was so easy to apply and it buffed on evenly.

Here are the foundations I use. Since my skin tone changes throughout the year, I do use various shades. Also, the container in the lower right-hand corner is my own. I buy my foundations in bulk and I keep them in these jars rather than in the baggies they come in.

Barb Hoffman, owner of Southern Magnolia Minerals, worked with me in determining what shade I should wear. I purchased a sampling that she suggested and from there I found my love!!

I use Fairly Light as my base foundation. From there I can add in warmth or slightly darker shades as summer comes around, using Fair as my winter shade. Like many users of mineral makeup, I love to play with my shades. Minerals allow for this freedom a lot better than with liquids.
Here is my ‘blending’ container…

I tap out the color(s) I want to use, mix if needed and then use this thick kabuki brush to apply. It is very true that you do not need a lot of product to cover your face. I swirl my brush VERY lightly with foundation and then swirl VERY softly on my face. Herein lies the key: VERY LIGHTLY and VERY SOFTLY. If you grind the product into your brush, you’ll waste a lot. If you grind the minerals onto your skin, you will not get the results you are looking for.
Here, I have swatched my current shade onto the back of my hand…
 First, no minerals.
And now, with a dusting of my foundation.
Here’s what you can tell, the pores and fine lines, even on my hand have been blurred with SMM foundation.

Because my skin is dry, yet will get shiny within an hour, SMM foundation will nix that all day. I always were a day time moisturizer before applying my mineral foundation. For even better results, I use a skin primer and baby, is that smooth to apply my foundation over! And, gosh, you have an SPF of 15+ without any gloo on!

Remember I told you that I started out with a big-name brand first? That foundation gave me a shine that was not even natural. I didn’t like the way it looked. Yet, with SMM, I have a soft, matte look. And, along with using my SMM Finishing Veil, I stay shine free with only a touch up of Finishing Veil midday.

You can check here on Southern Magnolia Minerals website to find your color and pick the size of packaging that works for you. Have any questions about your color, just email Barb. However, the site gives excellent examples for you to follow. A starter jar for $6.95 is right were I would suggest you start.

Would you be interested in trying mineral foundation? Enter the giveaway and you can make that wish come true.