Moody Nudes Palette from L A Colors

I do go bananas for palettes. Mostly shadow palettes. I still remember my very first one; a Maybelline one. Truthfully, I remember sitting outside on our porch just gazing at all the colors. It was probably a 10 color palette. It was around 1978 and it was just rocking my teen world!

Now, Winter Holidays get me excited to see what makeup palettes there will be. There wasn’t a shortage of them, was there!?!!! So many cheapy ones; I knabbed right away. This one was at Rite Aid…

auto curler swatches 267 auto curler swatches 268I didn’t realize it until right now that this palette does have a name: Moody Nudes. I think that is because the one other set was lots of brights. But, this one suits me just fine. I am drooling like a teen over these shades…

auto curler swatches 269 auto curler swatches 270 auto curler swatches 271 auto curler swatches 272 auto curler swatches 280


Since this was only $2, if they payoff wasn’t there, I wasn’t going to really be sad. I think I got better than a $2 thrill just taking some fun photos of them.

Yet, I can’t say I’m too disappointed…

auto curler swatches 290 auto curler swatches 289Just some randomly chosen swatches. I used the sponge applicator that came with the set. So yes, there is some fallout. And, as with many inexpensive (and we have found some not so cheap) black shadows, patchiness. However, I am pleasantly surprised that most of these shades actually do blend out fairly nicely. There are two factors that I think went a long way in making this L A Colors palette get better than just a passing grade: One is that I used a shadow primer when I worked with these on my own lids. And two, I use nicer quality brushes. I ditched that sponge applicator after the swatch shoot! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done and have seen some wickedly done looks with those spongy things. What I am trying to say is that you might not be able to get quality shadows, or any makeup for that matter, because of circumstances. But, always try to get the best brushes you can afford.

Even the kicked up dust was pretty…

auto curler swatches 293

Do you agree with my opinion on saving for good quality makeup brushes? Now, a really hard question: Do you remember your first eye shadow palette?



  • BeautyJudy

    I don’t remember my first eye palette, but I do remember my mom gave me oodles of Aziza duos for my 16th birthday, when I was finally allowed to wear makeup! I recently saw Aziza somewhere (dollar store?! I can’t remember!) and I was immediately transported to opening my birthday gifts that year. The price of this palette totally makes it a great experiment. Glad some of these shadows are working out for you!!! And YES, quality brushes ARE KEY! 🙂

    • Hi, MRS. Judy!!!! Quality brushes are the mantra of many bloggers, right?

  • erikatheicyone

    I don’t remember my first palette. I know that it was cheap and really bad. LOL And that I used those crappy sponge things until I learned about makeup brushes, in the eighties. Boy, was my life changed! I agree, save for and get the best brushes you can. I am in the process of replacing my old brushes, right now. I have had my old brushes for many, many years and it is time to retire them. It is a process. A slow process. I wish that I could just splash out all at once, this a brush here, two there nonsense is driving me crazy. 😛

    • I’d use those sponge applicators until they disintegrated!!! But, if you get one brush at a time, you can just give it lots and lots of love and attention. You don’t even have to share it with other new brushes. Look at it as keeping it intimate. 🙂

      • erikatheicyone

        ***snort*** But, I don’t waaaaant to! *pout*

  • I think my first palette was that huge sephora palette they sell during the holidays. My first real set of brushes are from Sephora, and I still have them.

    • I got the first airbrush brushes that Sephora came out with about 1-1/2 or so years ago. Very worth the investment!!!!!

  • TinaBowling

    I haven’t tried LA Colors in ages. My first palette was most likely Maybelline or Cover Girl, I may even still have it somewhere!

    • Oh, you have vintage!!! That’s good! I had a tiny little powder blush compact from my great-grandmother. Man, I wish like crazy I still had that! But, I was just a kid when I got my hands on it and had no idea of its eventual value.

  • Decent pigmentation, for 2.99 I’d say it’s a good buy!

    • I can’t complain since it cost less than my daily Starbuck’s habit. ;P

  • FabZilla_Kath

    My first palette was from Maybelline. I haven’t tried anything from LA colors in eons!

    • LA Colors is a bit, just a bit, better than it used to be. I don’t get the slick, glazed over pan look anymore.

  • Anastasia

    I agree with you about the quality brushes, they can make even a $1 eye shadows look fantastic.

    • I know I’ve been able to do it!

  • I would save for good quality brushes. My biggest splurge this year was the Wayne Goss brushes and I have no regret

    • Hi, Cutie!! Yes, it would be very worth it to get the Best of the Best W Goss brushes. But, his LE $85 Christmas brush….!!!!! Sweetbabygeezus!!!!! I’d love to have it but the price was =O!!!!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I try to save and splurge on good brushes. I can’t even remember my first palette! It would have been MAC… I know that much lol

    • I don’t think MAC was even in Kansas when I was growing up. LOL

  • Mai

    I try to save up for good quality brushes but I do think there are great alternatives at cheaper price points, you just have to go looking for them!

    • You are so right!!! When I went to The Makeup Show in Orlando, I stocked up on some Crown brushes. At the show price, I got tons for a very, very good price.

  • Ange

    I have no clue what my first eye shadow palette was, that’s a really good question!!

    • Thanks! Sounds like it gave several readers a fun trip down makeup alley. 🙂 Now, I can’t remember my first lipstick or blush though. LOL

  • MyNewestAddiction

    I don’t remember the palette specifically but I am almost certain it was from CoverGirl. Good quality brushes are always worth the price! Save!

    • Everyone is in agreement about brushes!!

  • marciaf

    Looks like a fun way to spend $2.99. Even if you find one color you love it’s worth it.

    • I am still having fun playing with them too.

  • Farryn

    Wow can’t believe how affordable this is for so many colors!

    • I can’t say they are the BEST but it was worth the fun. 🙂

  • GlitteryGlossy

    Nice shadows! Fallout sucks though.

    • That’s the truth! But, it works better than those shiny Aziza shadows I’ve tried from the Dollar General store. Yuck!

  • Betzy Carmona

    That is such a great deal ! However it sucks how they break

    • They are a bit too fussy for only $3!!

  • Amber

    What a cute palette! I’m loving that purple above the black. I can’t remember my first palette…probably something from wet n wild…I agree, good quality makeup brushes are important! IT Cosmetics are my current fave, but I also have and love brushes from EcoTools, Real Techniques and Crown Brush. All affordable! 🙂
    Thanks for the great review!

    • I have a several ELF brushes and I’m surprised at how nice they are. My favs are my airbrush brushes from Sephora.

  • Yes, I totally agree on saving for good brushes. My first eyeshadow palettes were generic ones from JC Penney’s that were given as a high school graduation gift. Oh, the streakiess!

    • I have to agree that I know too well those streaky shadows.

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    My first eye palette would have been something Mac. I didn’t wear eyeshadow until I hit about 35, or so.

    • For me, MAC wasn’t on my radar until the ’90’s. I didn’t get my first MAC until I got a job in Washington DC and that was about 1 year after I got married, 2003.

  • Thanks for the needed advice on the brushes. I feel the same way about nail art. Think it’s time to do likewise for my makeup. These are very pretty and wearable colors, and now I want them. We’re expecting a snowstorm around 5 p.m. tomorrow. But…maybe I can get to Rite-Aid before that. 😉 Sick, I know. LOL.

    • Do you think they will still have some?