Mrs. Claus Slips Into Something ‘Special’

This song is fun to sing.  Once the Christmas decorations and commercials start showing up, it’s time for me to sing the Christmas anthem.  And out comes the Holiday jewelry.  No Christmas sweaters though!  But I do wear a lot of red.  And that goes for nail polishes.

This is China Glaze’s ‘Mrs. Claus’, one from the Holiday collection.

What an interesting combination of colors.  The base is a medium magenta color.  The micro-glitter is red and silver.  I used 3 coats for this pedi as it was thin and I wanted it opaque, fit for the ‘First Lady of Christmas Spirit’.

Know what Mrs. Claus’ first name is?  If you watch ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ you learn the story about Kris Kringle and when he met JESSICA!

This last photo shows ‘Mrs. Claus’ to be a bit on the orange side.  Not really so.  I think the camera is picking up the gold and washing out the blue hues.  The top photo shows a better representation.

This polish is the one I’d pick if I were wearing high-heel peep toe, sling-backs to a Christmas party.  This red would work with almost any Christmas color from red to green, white and then my favorite; black.  Of course, not your run of the mill little black dress. 😉

I work for myself and the companies I contract with are all in other states.  Then, my husband, he’s retired.   So, there’s no company party there.  I miss those company parties too.  It is the one time of the year I would DECK out!  And if there had been a party to go to this year, I would have taken ‘Mrs. (Jessica) Claus’ with me.

How do you like ‘Mrs. Claus’?  What color of polish will you wear to your Christmas party?