My ‘Alter Ego’ Lives For The Fall Season

How close are the dog days of summer? What I realllly want to know is ‘when will it be fall?!’ I know that’s not a fair shake to those that love and live for summertime.

Let me reminisce with a past fall collection…

From Color Club’s collection of the same name, this is ‘Alter Ego.’Β  And, this next photo shows that this polish is aptly named…

I’m impressed with ‘Alter Ego’ since it photoed so well. Purples are pickles for me to capture. As you can see, indoors it’s a steely purple gray. Here with the outdoors light, it’s a purple with a mega ton of micro-glitter.

I have on 3 coats with a top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward’ top coat. It didn’t completely cover up the gritty feeling that ‘Alter Ego’ has, but it buffed it down some. And with that said, I bet you know what removal was like.

Without a doubt, ‘Alter Ego’ is a color I like. It has all the essence of what I like in a polish…PURDY!

If you live in the Western Hemisphere, is it getting hot where you live?

  • MissMidnightBlue

    OOH yes please let it be fall already. lol

  • Very pretty! Love purples!

  • That's such a pretty color. Different. I like it! At first I thought this was party of your “ugly” series…now I know it's not…because I'd be arguing with you if it was! LOL Ramble much?

  • Cel

    Fantastic colour! I have this too but haven't tried it yet!
    Gah yes, it is getting hotter here by the minute, I too can't wait for fall. Can't stand the summer heat!

  • Wow I love this color so pretty!! πŸ™‚

  • I sure hope I have this one buried in my untrieds–it's pretty!

    And yes, it is starting to get hot here, but the hot days are sandwiched in between gorgeous warm but not too warm ones like today.

  • @MissMidnight Can we plan a Fall celebration!! πŸ™‚

    @Peach Yep, they are purdy!

    @Megan You'd have to wash my mouth out with soap if I said this was ugly. It's purdy!!!

    @Cel I hope I have inspired you to give it a try. I'm too old to enjoy the heat anymore. Booo!

    @Ashley You are going to figure out a way to get Color Club over there!

    @KarenD If I could get some 'break' days like those sandwiched in, I'd be a lot nicer during the summer. πŸ˜‰

  • Ooooh! Pretty shade!

  • Looks amazing, will be looking out for it I think πŸ™‚

  • im lemming this polish! i want these so muchh
    so beautiful on you