My Battle of the Turquoise: Winner: Carnation Creation

There is another wave of new polishes coming! I better hurry up and show the swatches I’ve made so I’ll have room for more. 🙂

This is Finger Paint’s ‘Carnation Creation’ and it has been used to compare to China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’ I posted about ‘For Audrey’ here.  ‘For Audrey’ has made it into the core line of China Glaze, surely because of its popularity. But, I like ‘Carnation Creation’ way better…

Yet, even with the comparisons, I actually like ‘Carnation Creation’ better. I wish I knew exactly why but, I just prefer this color more…


Listen up…I went to get my gel nails filled in. Over the next weekend, I swatched like a mofo. As I removed the polishes to reapply a new one, the fill-in disintegrated. It did it more and more as the swatch-a-thon went on. Well, damn! That salon didn’t fill me in with gel; they used acrylic! Grrrrr….. Not trying to make an excuse, though. I’m pointing out how I fell for the ol’ switch-a-roo.

Crappy fill-in aside, I now bring your attention to the lovely polish. Not a thing wrong with that! I did three coats and they went on smoothly. I have Seche Vite (did you know that means ‘Quick Drying’?) as a top coat. I was attempting to build up the polish enough to hide the divits. That was a ‘Fail’ too.

Next weekend, I am going to Orlando’s Premiere Show. I hope to find a nail gel that works perfectly every time and one I can do myself. (When I was in nail tech school eons ago, we actually had ‘gel,’ not powder!) And that can bring an end to getting duped at the nail salon.

But, high on my list, is to discover new products and upcoming releases in the beauty and nail industry. Then, share them with my loyal readers. I’m excited!

Which color do you like better: ‘Carnation Creation’ or ‘For Audrey’?