My Continued Love Affair with Forever 21 Polish

As a faithful reader, you have read my many posts on swatching Forever 21’s Love & Beauty nail polish. It’s the sweet combination of beautiful colors and a price that is completely affordable.

Tara, owner of Tough as Nails, just finished up a week of reviewing Love & Beauty polishes. I’ve totally enjoyed them. You can too by clicking here.

That revitalized my love again, so I dug out a new one to swatch. This is ‘Lavender.’ Of course, that name does NOTHING for me. That would be like calling me ‘Girl.’ Yawn…

But, I say, let the mani do the talkin’…

The color reminds me of the lilac bushes we had in our backyard when I was a kid. I have on 3 coats, with 2 on the thumb, and just one on my index finger. It is a delicate shade even with just one coat…

I discovered that ‘Lavender’ had a chic, long-lost cousin, housed in bottles almost identical, and who will have her time in the spotlight later…

I’m reading that some nail bloggers are saying ‘Oh no! Another crackle?!’ But, I’m saying ‘Hey, another crackle!’  Lavender got the works…

I picked up 5 randomly and gave them a test-drive. Starting with the thumb, Sally Hansen’s ‘Vintage Violet’, China Glaze’s ‘Cracked Concrete’, Sally Hansen’s ‘Distressed Denim’, OPI’s ‘Silver Shatter’ and last, China Glaze’s ‘Crushed Candy.’

All of them seemed to have turned out well. I think the least favorite would be the ‘Distressed Denim’ since it doesn’t stay with that demure look. And, my favorite would be ‘Vintage Violet’ for purple on purple. 

Are you still having fun with crackle polishes or, has the love affair faded?

  • That lavender color is so beautiful, love it 🙂

    Love Christine ♥

  • I've never tried the crackle polishes, but I'm interested to 🙂

  • t
  • I agree, the combination with Vintage Violet looks awesome! I just have a few Love & Beauty polishes that I got from a swap. Great colors and polish! But I agree, the names are very boring!

  • such a pretty color and it goes great with the crackle polishes 🙂

  • @Christine It is one that I love too.

    @Vintage Makeup Girl, what are you waiting for? Get..ummm…crackin'! Tee hee 😉

    @t Thanks!

    @Peach Maybe they are so busy making cute polish that they run out of time to come up with cute names. OK, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. 😉

    @charmed-chick Thanks! I love the pairing with the Violet. I'll check out your blog too.