My Evening with Judy from BeautyJudy Blog

If you ever get the chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, do so! It is a very wonderful experience.

Judy from BeautyJudy blog was in town on vacation and we took this opportunity to have dinner. We enjoyed chicken and dumplings, a yummy ‘nom nom’ dessert, polish obsessions and afterwards, just fun silliness.

We found a nice employee who was more than happy to snap a photo of the two of us…

We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel where you can always get the best comfort food. Judy and I posed next to the sock monkey costume. And I’m really liking that costume. I wish they made it in an adult size because I’d have no shame being a sock monkey for Halloween.

Judy did find a new hat, though…

And if she had one, I had to have one too…

Hey, this one even matched my purse!!! I look more devilish than wicked.

Judy took an evening out of her Florida vacation to have dinner with me and I am so honored. She’s a total sweetheart and we had a grand time. Judy even mentioned that she may be back in Florida soon. And, if not, I hope I get to see her in Vegas next year at Cosmoprof.

Thanks, Judy, for a wonderful evening. Safe travels to you, my friend.