My Life According to Google

A game, using Google, has been creating some fun in blog world.  I learned about it from Kitschy Suburbia.  Megan owns this blog and it is one of my favorites.  She has an eclectic blog, so I never know what will be up next.  And when I read her post where she played this game, I laughed so hard I really think I pulled something!!!

Type in the following, and choose from the first description found…Be honest, don’t just pick one out to be funny! 🙂

1: Type in “(name) needs” in the Google search:
Kimberly needs to continue to sit in the waiting area.
Yea, that’s the story of my life, right there!

2: Type in “(name) looks like” in the Google search:
Kimberly looks like $h!+.
Well, thanks a lot!

3: Type in “(name) hates” in Google search:
Kimberly hates Bush so intensely for the US president’s less-than-Hamlet-like psychology, for his inability to wrestle with life’s more complex moral ambiguity.
Definitely written by a long-winded journalist.
But, what was funny was that the next one would have been from another Kimberly on another blog and what SHE hated! 🙂

4: Type in “(name) goes” OR “(name) has gone” in Google search:
Kimberly goes back on.
I guess I was ‘off’ before.

5: Type in “(name) loves” in Google search:
Kimberly loves you and will meet you in your sleep and dreams.
Sounds a bit like stalking…or, a bad threat.

6: Type in “(name) eats” in Google search:
Kimberly eats almost an entire red velvet cake, and washes it down with milk.
Ratted out!!!

7: Type in “(name) has” in Google search:
Kimberly has been diagnosed with a liver disease, a condition not taken lightly.
Good heavens!!

8: Type in “(name) works” in Google search:
Kimberly works in oil.
At one time, I did oil paint.

9: Type in “(name) lives” in Google search:
Kimberly lives in the Memphis, TN area, is blissfully married and has three awesome kids.
I did live in Memphis, but not married.  And I don’t have kids, must less AWESOME kids.

10: Type in “(name) died” in Google search:
Kimberly died of exposure and hypothermia.
That’s what I get for wishing to live in a cooler part of the country. :/

11: Type in “(name) does” in Google search:
Kimberly, does my outfit make my ‘fro look big?
Do you want it to look big?

12: Type in “(name) will” in Google search:
Kimberly will run through their top-ten database maintenance recommendations with lots of tips and tricks along the way.
I hope I know what I’m doing.

13: Type in “(name) is” in Google search:
Kimberly is blind.
That’s why I had Lasiks. 8)

Naw.  I don’t have anything even remotely as funny as Megan’s.  You have to just go read hers.

And, this photo came up under ‘Kimberly loves’, but I promise, this is NOT me…

 Nor is this one me…