My Radio Interview On The La Bella Vita Show

This past weekend, I attended the Premiere Orlando show. This was my second year and it is nothing short of outstanding. This show is held for professionals in the beauty industry, worldwide. I will be sharing my sites on that this weekend.

What happened, last night at the Vanity was, I was on the radio!! Being a member of the media at the Premiere Show, I got to meet another member of the media covering the show, Dawn Catherine. Dawn is the owner and CEO of La Bella Vita Cosmetics. She also has a radio show where she talks about celeb news, fine wine, beauty events around the world and beauty talk.

The day I attended and met Dawn Catherine, I was at the Premiere with my friend, Phyrra, from Dawn invited the both of us to be guests on her radio show. And that is what we did last night.

If you would like to hear the re-broadcast of the show, go here. Dawn, Phyrra and I give you our favorite hot picks of the show.

Here are the three that I talked about:

XFusion Hair
This is a powder used on areas of thinning hair. I saw a demo and was totally impressed.

Naisture Mask Pack
These are pre-moistened cotton masks that cater to a wide selection of skin issues. And they are super easy on the pocketbook too.

Dadi’ Oil
From the creator of Solar Oil, this 95% organic oil is being BOSS to my cuticles and nails.

Each one of these products will get their own review coming up at the Vanity. In the meantime, please take a look at Phyrra’s blog. She is my inspiration to be BOLD with my makeup. She will also review her favorite picks from the Premiere Show.
Thank you, Dawn, for the opportunity to share my thoughts and favorite, new products.You can go here to listen to other re-broadcasts of Dawn’s show and see the schedule for her next show.