Nabi Cosmetics: Eye Shadows

Nabi doesn’t just make nail polish, like the ones I reviewed here. They also make shadows. A lot of different color shadows. And they are very inexpensive. I got these two for something like 2 for $3…

I only purchased these two because I wasn’t quite sure how well they would apply. They had samples out but I didn’t trust them. However, these are as soft. But, they are also full of fall-out. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

This is ‘Coco Bean’…

And here is ‘Chocolate’…

Hungry yet? Swatched out..

‘Coco Bean’ is on the left. It has a slight gold shimmer too. ‘Chocolate’ is on the taupe-y side and has that shimmer of mauve/purple in it. I noticed it more in direct sunlight than here, in the sunny window.

Here’s my verdict: if you like to experiment with different shadows like me, it’s a very inexpensive investment. When I used my new Sephora airbrush shadow brushes, I didn’t get the fall-out I did just swatching these two with my finger. The two shades blend very well together and do play nice with other brands. Will I get more? Yes. I want to try out some of the strong, bold colors that they have. The vanity says yes, go play!

Again, I got these at a store called Rainbow at The Florida Mall. There is another Rainbow store in another mall, but it didn’t have makeup.

Does an investment this cheap make you want to just try it out?