Nailing a French Manicure with ‘Nailene’

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It’s been gloomy for, like, the 4th day in a row here in Central Florida. Even as I write this, it’s thundering outside.  And so, my outside photos will reflect a less than stellar sun photo.

Nailene shared some products for me to review and I was quite excited to see what I’d get.  Here’s the goods…

There are two different fashion glue-on nails, a bottle of brush-on glue, a french manicure set and a packet of 300 nail stickers.

I chose to review the French manicure kit first.

If you told me ‘Kimberly, you can only wear one polish look for the rest of your life,’ this is what I’d pick.  Doesn’t it go with EVERYTHING!!!  I read a long time ago that this nail/makeup guy came up with the idea of a French manicure, in Hollywood!  He called it “French” to make it more glamorous.  Doesn’t matter if that’s true or not, I just love the look.

What the kit consists of is a white polish pen, smile line guides, a soft pink polish and a top coat, called ‘Miracle Maker.’

I used a base coat before I started.   I used the guides because I knew I was going to share the look and wanted to do my best. The white polish tip pen was easy to maneuver.  The formula is a tad thicker than a lacquer would be and that makes it perfect.  I could have used just one coat for the tips but I went ahead and did two.  Only because I made a couple of bald spots and I wanted to top off with a roll over at the tips to see if I could hold a French longer.

Once I felt the white tips had dried, I peeled off the guides.  It looked like some of the sticky was left behind but when I used the pink polish, this wasn’t true.  The pink went on very smoothly and the brush was just right to polish two coats with perfection.  If you like a stark white tip, you could reverse the steps with doing the white tips second.  But I was being a stickler and following the instructions provided on the box. 

It didn’t take any time for the pink coats to dry and I followed up with the ‘Miracle Maker.’  I could have stopped right there and this would have been one of the best French mani’s I had ever done.  Yet, since my nails are a bit thin, I did add a coat of Seche Vite for strength.

Sunny window show off.

Outdoors on a gloomy day. You can see just the smallest amount of tip wear on my thumb.  That’s why I chose to wrap the polish and add the Vite.  But, even after just an evening, there’s a bit of wear. 

However, even with the tip wear, this is a nice looking French.

Is my pinky incredibly dwarfed by the other fingers?  LOL!  I love this look.  I feel uber professional sporting a French.  And Nailene has a mighty fine kit for you to make your own French impression.

How much to you like basic French manicures? Have you tried out any Nailene products?  This is my first time and I found this kit easy to work with.  I’m off to try out the stickers.

This product was provided to me by Nailene to review.