Nails Inc. Special Effects: Sprinkles Collection

It didn’t take much persuasion for me to seek out Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles collection. All I needed to know was that they were at Sephora and I instantly planned my work schedule to visit clients at the same mall. Sephora got in only one set and if I wouldn’t have asked about them, I wouldn’t have gotten them…

This was a quick snap from my phone to Instagram so I could gloat.

Nothing like a good makeup score to feel high all day! Let’s begin checking out swatches. I used OPI’s ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ as underwear for three of the four. Actually, all four could stand on their own. I went into the swatching thinking Sprinkles were topcoats only.

This tasty treat is ‘Topping Lane’…

This is a dusty pink with dark magenta, purple and silver glitter.

Here is ‘Sugar House Lane’ ….

Using the dusty pink ‘Sparrow Me The Drama’ made this one like more pink than it really is, alone. ‘Sugar House Lane’ is a light, dusty gray/lavender with silver and black glitter. Sort of a salt and pepper effect.

This is ‘Sweets Away’…

This is THE mani for a baby shower party! The base color in this is a dusty blurple and it is bursting with pink, blue teal and silver glitter. Are you hungry for cupcakes yet?

Last, I have ‘Pudding Lane’…

This is ‘Pudding Lane’ all alone; no underwear. This one is a blue base and has green, dark blue and silver glitter. I used three coats to achieve this coverage. On the others, I used 2 coats of ‘Sparrow’ and just one coat of the ‘Sprinkles’. ‘Pudding Lane’ has the most opaque base color, with ‘Topping Lane’ being the second.

These look very much like the popular ‘sammich’ nail from last year. But, I think I like ‘cupcake sprinkles’ better. These polishes by Nails Inc. apply really easy. The glitter is a bit gritty and even with a top coat, it doesn’t totally smooth it out. But it isn’t a harsh grit, just a wee bit bumpy. I used CND’s ‘Sticky’ as a base coat and Lumos top coat on all but ‘Topping Lane’. I used Seche Vite for that one. Both Lumos and Seche are top coats that speed up drying time and they worked perfect with ‘Sprinkles’.

If I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to be pressed to do so. Right when I pick one, I instantly change my mind. Besides making me happy and down-right giddy, this collection has me rubbing my palms together in a creative mode. What nail looks can I come up with next?

How are you going to wear your ‘Sprinkles’? Do you have a favorite shade?