Nature’s Care: Paw Paw Lip Balm

There were many international beauty companies at the Cosmoprof Show in Las Vegas last weekend. I enjoyed visiting with these vendors as they were very passionate and eager to share their products with the US Consumers.

I had the privilege of meeting Steve Collett, General Manager, of Nature’s Care. This is a company that is said to be well-known in Australia and is beginning to branch out to the States with their Paw Paw adult & baby skin care series.

Steve gave me this product from their line to try out…

This is ‘Paw Paw’ lip balm. If you like papayas, then this lip balm and the entire Paw Paw line is going to delight you.

Of course I smelled the balm as soon as I opened it! Yep, it is papayas! And not an over-powering smell either, but that sweet, waif of fragrance. I didn’t hesitate to put it on my lips. This balm is not sticky or tacky. It felt like just the right amount of ‘slip’. My lips are in the normal to a just slightly dry range while I live in humid Florida. But, they can become very dried out when I’m not in my home state. During the Holidays, I have to have my lip balm with me when I visit family in Colorado. But, I will not wait to use my Paw Paw lip balm til then. It’s awesome right now!

Nature’s Care is coming to the States already knowing what we like to see in our beauty/skin care products; natural and healthy ingredients. All of their products are made in Australia. Don’t think we are the only country that doesn’t like GMO products; Nature’s Care is already there saying NO to them. Everything is organic. Nothing mystical in their ingredients in this balm. You’ll recognize them all: Papaya Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Jojoba Esters, Rice Bran Wax, and Beeswax. There are no petroleum-based ingredients in this line. Just all the good stuff that your skin is friends with.

They also have a large selection of baby care products. A total of 7 in all, these are safe and pampering for the babies. But, the adult line is just as plentiful. Steve Collett offered me to try a sample the Paw Paw Body Butter. Just like the lip balm, the scent is very soft but the results are bountiful. Again, no petrochemical free so only the natural ingredients provide moisture to my skin.It was smooth with no greasy feeling.

I hope we get to see the Paw Paw product line very soon in the States. Feel free to email them from their website to find a location that sells this. Any of these products would be great gifts to a new mom.